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2015 TSM Articles Index



Air Monitoring

Catch the Action in the Air and On the Air Mar Page 9

The Air Show Experience Mar Page 15

Now Try ‘Scanner-less’ Aviation Monitoring Mar Page 19

Teak Publishing’s ‘2015 Air Show Guide’ Mar Page 23

Understanding HF NOTAM Information Aug Page 11


Amateur Radio

Why Go Digital? Jan Page 24

D-STAR—its History and its Future Feb Page 31

Battery Considerations for Digital Portables Mar Page 20

Digital Voice on 220 MHz? May Page 18

System Fusion—‘The Roar of the Crowd’ Jun Page 26

Digital Voices on HF Part 1 Aug Page 24

Summer Radio and Some are Not Sep Page 29

The Original Digital Conversation Oct Page 15

Digital Amateur Radio Round-up Nov Page 24

Amateur Radio Parity Act Feb Page 15

Middle School Amateur Radio Station Update Feb Page 21

The Thrift Store Amateur Apr Page 24

N4H and WA4USN Amateur Stations May Page 21

Keeping the Ships Moving on the Welland Canal Jun Page 8

The Challenge of Over-the-Air TV DX Jun Page 13

Toward a Glorious and Uncertain Future! Nov Page 27

TSM Reviews: Elecraft K3S—Another Step Forward Nov Page 10

P-25 Networking: Staying Digital Dec Page 27


DIY Radio

DIY: The Home-Brewer’s Primer May Page 9

Add CW and SSB to your Portable SW Receiver the Easy Way Jun Page 20

It Can Still Be Done: Kit Building is Alive and Well! Oct Page 10

Build a Rugged, Copper Pipe J-Antenna for VHF/UHF Oct Page 18


Equipment Reviews:

Amiko A3 FTA Satellite Receiver Jan Page 21

FT-991—Yaesu’s Latest ‘Shack-in-the-Box’ Apr Page 16

TitanSDR May Page 25

SDRplay RSP Shortwave Receiver Jun Page 31

Whistler WS-1080 P-25 Phase I and II Scanner Aug Page 18

MultiPSK: A Digital Diamond in the Rough Sep Page 18

Outernet: Free, Global, One-way Internet to the World Sep Page 25

It Can Still Be Done: Kit Building is Alive and Well! Oct Page 10

Manhattan DJ-1997 FTA Satellite Receiver Oct Page 23

Ramsey AM Broadcast Transmitter Kit: $45 of Pure Radio Fun Oct Page 52

Elecraft K3S—Another Step Forward Nov Page 10

Whistler’s EZ-Scan WS1095 Digital Scanner Nov Page 18

Airspy SDR Receiver System Nov Page 21

Buyer’s Guide to Shortwave Radios Nov Page 71


FTA Satellite-TV

Multiple Satellite Reception from a Single Ku-Band Dish (Part 1) Jul Page 31

Multiple Satellite Reception from a Single Ku-band Dish (Part 2)         Aug Page 27

FTA Satellite-TV: The Heir to Shortwave Radio Nov Page 33

Cutting the Cord: Part 1 Dec Page 23


General Interest Radio

K3LR: Contesting with the Big Guns Jan Page 9

Monitoring Utility and Amateur Transmissions with a DVB-T Dongle Jan Page 13

Volunteer Interceptors: Listening for Terrorists Jan Page18

Monitoring the Russian Navy (Part 1) Feb Page 9

2015 Winter SWL Fest Recap Apr Page 27

The Newcomers Net: Bringing together Newbies and Old-Timers May Page 15

Advanced Radio Noise Filtering using DSP Aug Page 21

AFN: The Biggest Network You’ve Never Heard or Seen Sep Page 9

Ultra-light Radio: Doing More with Less Sep Page 14

Outernet: Bringing Free, Global, One-way Internet to the World Sep Page 25

Radio Intrigue: Old FAPSI Intercepts Dec Page 43



Scanning North America’s Railroads Apr Page 10

Current and Future Trends in Scanning Radios Nov Page 14


Vintage Radio

Listening for WWII POWs Jan Page 24

An American Ham in the USSR            Jul Page 12

XER—King of the Mexican Border Blasters Jul Page 17

When our Vintage Radios Fought in the Air War Jul Page 22

Watts up? Line Voltage for Vintage Radios Jul Page 27

The Norden Broadcasts: America’s Ace in the Hole Oct Page 27

A Virtual Tour of WEAF in 1927 Dec Page 9

Variacs 101: Answering those Questions Dec Page 13

Retro Radio: Antique Radio Classics and the People Who Love Them Dec Page 18




Scanning America

Monitoring Digital Systems Jan Page 28

Bozeman, MT; Becker County, MN and Phase-II Feb Page 36

Hard-Learned Radio Civics Lessons in D.C. Mar Page 31

P25: A Tale of Two Systems Apr Page 30

Allentown, PA, FCC Field Offices and Dayton May Page 30

Scanner Update from Dayton Jun Page 35

EDACS Talkgroups and RF Explorer Jul Page 35

Scanning Wisconsin; FCC Field Office Shuffle Aug Page 31

Maine’s Statewide MSCommNet Sep Page 33

Counties Weigh a Combination of Radio System Options Oct Page 31

Tennessee Advanced Communications Network           Nov Page 38

Scanning the Mall of America and DFW Airport Dec Page 30


Federal Wavelengths

A Year in Federal Monitoring Jan Page 33

New York City Federal Monitoring Continued Feb Page 42

Flying with Federal Aviation Mar Page 36

Super Bowl XLIX Wrap-up Apr Page 35

GAO Report on CBP Radio Systems Problems May Page 36

Washington, DC—Scanner Dreamland or Nightmare? Jun Page 39

FBI Aircraft in the News Jul Page 40

US Navy HYDRA Systems Aug Page 36

Navy Enterprise System in the Pacific Northwest Sep Page 37

Programming Federal Interoperability Channels Oct Page 35

CBP OAM Changes Nov Page 43

Year End Wrap Up; Readers’ Submissions Dec Page 36


Utility Planet

More Russian ‘Numbers’ Mysteries Jan Page 39

Cuba Intrigue Continues Feb Page 46

How to Hear HF Civil Aviation Mar Page 40

New Use for US Marine Channels? Apr Page 39

US Veterans Department Signs HF Contract May Page 43

US Coast Guard Plans Big HF Comm Changes Jun Page 44

US Navy-Marine Corps MARS Closes Jul Page 45

What’s up with SKYKING? Aug Page 41

This isn’t your Father’s COTHEN Sep Page 42

US Coast Guard Consolidates HF Services Oct Page 39

Goodbye HF911, Hello UrgentLink Nov Page 48

Big Month for Russian Military Monitoring Dec Page 39


Digital HF: Intercept and Analyze

Have PacTOR, Will Travel the High Seas! Jan Page 42

North Korea Diplomatic HF Operations          Feb Page 49

US Coast Guard, Customs & Border Patrol COTHEN Network Mar Page 44

3G Wideband Protocols are Arriving on HF Apr Page 43

Decoding Russian MFA and Intelligence Signals May Page 43

Decoding the MIL-STD 188-110B 2400 bd HF Modem Jun Page 48

Swiss Diplomatic Network Undergoes Changes” Jul Page 48

Irish Navy HF Operations Aug Page 44

Listening in to US Embassies and Consulates on HF Radio Sep Page 46

A Few Easy Digital Catches for the Beginner Oct Page 42

All About NAVTEX Nov Page 51

More on US Government 5-Letter Network Dec Page 46


Amateur Radio Insights

Current Balun Bonus: Noise Reduction? Jan Page 47

Interference? You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet! Feb Page 54

RFI Part 2: Finding, Fixing or Fleeing Mar Page 48

My Friend Ferrite: Interference Part 3 Apr Page 48

A Tale of Antennas and Instrumentation May Page 48

Two Meters: The ‘No Magic’ Band? Jun Page 54

Six Meters: A new Twist on the Old Magic? Jul Page 53

Gensets and UPSs: Play it Smart! Aug Page 49

The Great Equalizer Sep Page 51

Are You Up for the Challenge of 60 Meters? Oct Page 48

Ham Radio on the Big Screen(s) Nov Page 56

Forgotten Antenna Fundamentals and other Curious Tidbits: Part 1 Dec 50


Radio 101

The View Ahead, Through the Rear-View Mirror Jan Page 51

Cuban Baseball, International News and World Music Feb Page 58

Intro to FTA Satellite and Advanced Cord-Cutting Mar Page 53

The Art and Science of Chasing DX Apr Page 52

Training your Replacement May Page 52

Meet the New 20-Meter Band (Hint: it’s on VHF) Jun Page 58

The Wi-Fi Scanner, SWL Options Jul Page 58

2015 Field Day Report and the C64 Today Aug Page 55

The $80 E-Reader/Ham/SWL Decoder that comes with a Free Camera Sep Page 56

Ramsey AM Broadcast Transmitter Kit: $45 of Pure Radio Fun Oct Page 52

License-Free Two-Way Radio: CB/FRS/GMRS/MURS Nov Page 62

Timely News with a Global Perspective and some Great Music Dec Page 56


Radio Propagation

Fundamentals of Radio Wave Propagation Jan Page 54

Fundamentals: The Ionosphere Feb Page 62

Space Weather Terms Mar Page 57

More Sunspot Mysteries Revealed Apr Page 58

Sporadic-E—The Magical Summertime Sizzle May Page 56

The 10.7-cm Radio Flux Jun Page 61

More 10.78-cm Radio Flux Jul Page 61

Sunspots Got You Down? You Can Still Work the World Aug Page 58

Let’s Talk about this Hot Sun Sep Page 60

The Chromosphere (Continuing Our Look at the Sun) Oct Page 56

The Sun Part 2: Coronas, Sunspots and SIDs Nov Page 66

NASA’s Solar Fleet Peers into Coronal Cavities Dec Page 59


The World of Shortwave Listening

Shortwave Listeners make their Voices Heard Jan Page 58

2015 Winter SWL Fest Feb Page 67

Armed Forces Network Taiwan (AFNT) Mar Page 61

The QSL Card—at What Cost?            Apr Page 63

Shortwave Broadcasters Descend upon Oman May Page 61

Corsette-Building Project Jun Page 65

Community-based Radio helps Nepal Recover after Earthquake Jul Page 65

Radio Verdad—Small Voice, Big Heart Aug Page 62

International Radio Serbia Closes its Doors for Good Sep Page 63

Tales of Pirate Radio Woe and Intrigue Oct Page 59

Buyer’s Guide to Shortwave Radios Nov Page 71

Preparing for your next DXpedition Dec Page 64


The Shortwave Listener

Change and Opportunity in the New Year Jan Page 62

Central European Shortwave Broadcasts Feb Page 71

World Languages via SW Radio Web Sites Mar Page 64

Radio, History and Business Today Apr Page 68

Monitoring International News via Shortwave May Page 66

Shortwave’s Continuing Impact Jun Page 69

Sputnik Radio, BBC and VOA Jul Page 68

Kid’s Shows, BBCWS, and CRI Aug Page 67

Radio Tirana, Radio Serbia Remembered Sep Page 66

Spy Stations, Canadian Elections, Central European Crises and More Oct Page 63

Shortwave Listening via Internet Archives Nov Page 77

Christmas Radio Around the World Dec Page 69


Maritime Monitoring

Marine Radio Traffic and Heritage Jan Page 65

Radio Surprises and Changes Apr Page 71

Maritime Station Consolidation Jul Page 71

Marine Radio Technology Sails On Oct Page 66


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Watching the LWA at Home Feb Page 74

Detecting Meteor Activity with Digital TV Carriers May Page 70

Noise in Radio Astronomy Aug Page 70

Continuum Monitoring using an SDR R820T Dongle Nov Page 80


Amateur Radio Satellites

AMSATs: From OSCAR-1 to FOX-1A Mar Page 67

From Famine to Feast Jun Page 72

Yet More Flight Opportunities Jul Page 69

A Whole Host of New Satellites Dec Page 72


The Longwave Zone

Firing up the Neophyte 1 (Formerly: A Cure for PPHD) Jan Page 68

What can be heard on Longwave? Feb Page 77

Longwave: A Cradle for High-Tech Mar Page 71

Tuning in to Natural Radio Apr Page 74

More on Natural Radio May Page 75

An Easy-to-Build Natural Radio Receiver Jun Page 77
BBB-4 Wrap-up Jul Page 74

You Have Questions…” Aug Page 73

Comings and Goings Sep Page 74

Adventures in Through-Ground Radio Oct Page 69

Miscou DXpedition and LF Resources Nov Page 84

Miscou 2015 Recap Dec Page 76


Adventures in Radio Restoration

Back to the Future Jan Page 71

The Admiral Bean-Counter Special Feb Page 81

The Admiral Bean-Counter Special: Part II Mar Page 75

The Real McCoy: A 1957 Novice Transmitter Apr Page 78

Powering the ‘Real McCoy’ 75-watt Novice Transmitter May Page 78

First Look at a Zenith 5K037 ‘Farm’ Set Jun Page 81

Powering the Zenith 5K037 ‘Farm’ Set with AC and Forming the Dial Jul Page 77

A Classic Pair of Heathkits Hi-Fi Twins Part 1: the AJ-11 Tuner Aug Page 76

A Classic Pair of Heathkits Hi-Fi Twins Part 2: the AA-151 Amp Sep Page 77

Aristocrat to Royalty: First Look at a Zenith Trans-Oceanic G-500) Oct Page 72

Powering and Testing the Zenith Trans-Oceanic G-500 Nov Page 88

In Command Again: a pair of ARC-5 and SCR-274N aircraft transmitters: Part 1 Page 80


The Broadcast Tower

This is a Test. This is only a Test Jan Page 75

The All-Important Ratings Feb Page 85

What Happens to a Dead Radio Station? Mar Page 80

Stuffing 85 Channels into a 32-Channel Sack Apr Page 82

The Big Get-Together May Page 81

FCC Fines, Interference and Pot-Talk Flop Jun Page 85

License? I don’t need no stinking license Jul Page 81

What Happened to WOWO? Aug Page 81

More on WOWO; New FMs and Coax Sep Page 82

Go West, Young Man! Oct Page 77

Why is that Tower Where it is? Nov Page 94

Going out with a Bang! Dec Page 85


Antenna Connections

On the Road Again: Mobile Antenna Concepts Jan Page 78

Down to Earth: An Overview of RF Ground Principles Feb Page 88

Got a Match: Methods of Matching Coaxial Cable to Antennas Mar Page 83

Nothing Ventured: Understanding Antenna Gain Apr Page 85

Houston, We have a Downlink: Spacecraft Antennas May Page 84

Round and Round: Loop Antennas Jun Page 88

Round and Round, Part II: Jolly Green Delta Loop Jul Page 84

Soldiering on after a Micro-Burst Aug Page 84

Stealthy Green Jolly Loop: At Last Sep page 85

The Modern Underground: Stealth Oct Page 80

MFJ: Our Friend in the Radio Business Nov Page 98

Year-End Quiz: Test Your Antenna Knowledge Dec Page 89

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