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Feature Articles

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Air Monitoring

TSM Guide to Monitoring Air Shows Mar 7

A Look Back at the 2018 Air Shows Mar 18

Photos from 2018: B-52 Stratofortress; Japanese Navy Type 97; Mitchell B-25 Mar 25

In the Air with Sean D. Tucker’s Last Solo Season Mar 28

Photographing USAF Thunderbirds’ Air Show Demonstration Mar 31

Selected US Air Show Schedules for 2019 Mar 34

Portable Airband Transceiver Overview Apr 18


Amateur Radio

Exploring the Mysteries of Effective Radiated Power (ERP) Jan 9

APRS and Other Related Digital Communications—Part II Jan 14

Piggybank Ham Radio: Part 3 Feb 18

Bringing Ham Flavored STEM into the Classroom Apr 15

Digipeating the ISS May 8

RTTY: Old School Digital May 18

Beat the Propagation Demons with SDR-to-SDR QSOs Jun 7

QSLs: Radio’s Calling Card Jun 18

Keeping Your Radio Club Active Jun 23

Zen and the Art of Amateur Radio Club Maintenance – Part 2 Sep 25

The Misunderstood Off-Center-Fed Antenna Oct 16

Slow-Scan TV Beginnings Oct 24

The Latent Contester Nov 25

Novice-era Hamming Today: Still a Thrill Dec 27


Equipment Reviews

Jumbo MMDVM Hotspot Feb 14

Uniden SDS100 Base/Mobile Scanner Apr 9

The Mobile VHF/UHF COMPACtenna May 13

COMPACtenna for Shortwave May 15

CRKits HT-1A Dual Band QRP Transceiver May 22

Yaesu FT3DR and Radioditty GD-73A Aug 11

Airspy HF+ Discovery: It’s a Whole New World of Radio Sep 7

Elecraft KPA-1500 Linear Amplifier Nov 18

RF Explorer ISM Combo+ Slim Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Nov 22


General Interest Radio 

HF Transmitter Hunting using KiwiSDRs and TDoA

Winter Shortwave Reading: Klingenfuss 2019/29 Utility Guide; Gayle Van Horn’s “Global Radio Guide;” World Radio Television Handbook 

Othernet’s Free Satellite Service Continues to Evolve Apr 22

The Care and Feeding of Electronic Equipment: Part 1 May 12

The Yagi-Uda Mystery: The Remarkable Backstory of this Ubiquitous Antenna Aug 7

The USS Thresher on Eternal Patrol Aug 17

The Care and Feeding of Electronic Equipment: Part 2 Aug 22

Digital TV Ten Years Later and ATSC 3.0 Today Sep 14

The Hunt for Battleship Bismarck Sep 19

The Role of Wireless in the Titanic Disaster Oct 10

Dialing-in eBay for a Different Kind of Radio Experience Oct 20

2019 Scanner Radio Buyer’s Guide Nov 8


Vintage Radio

The Development of the Directional AM Broadcast Antenna Jan 7

The Discoveries of Hans Christian Orsted Feb 22

Superpower AM Radio in the United States: Why it Failed Jul 8

Rocking the Stasi Jul 15

Overlooked Radio Heroine: The Life, Work and Inventions of Hedy Lamar Jul 20

Inside the VTVM: Lafayette KT-174 and PACO V-70 Jul 24

Before Radio’s First Century: ‘Pre-Broadcasting’ Activity in North America Dec 8

Radio’s Role During Pearl Harbor’s ‘Day of Infamy’ Dec 14

Those Regulated Power Supplies from Heathkit and Others Dec 21


Regular Columns 


Scanning America

Nevada Shared Radio System Jan 28

Uniden Bearcat SDS200 Mobile/Base Scanner Feb 26

Jackson County, Mississippi Mar 39

TETRA Radio System; FCC Actions; Clark County, Ohio Apr 25

Groton, Connecticut; Amtrak Update May 25

FRS/GMRS Update; Allegany County (Maryland) Jun 27

Oakland County (MI); Jasper County (MO) Jul 29

Scanning Michigan Aug 27

Scanning Sumner County, Tennessee Sep 29

Scanning Utah and the National Emergency Communications Plan Oct 28

Iredell County (NC) and Cape May (NJ) Nov 30

Tillamook County, Oregon, Vintage Scanner Crystals Dec 31 


Federal Wavelengths

Hiding in Plain Sight: Federal Communications Systems Jan 33

Tucson Federal Update and DoE Feb 31

Atlanta Federal Mysteries and Super Bowl 53 Mar 43

Federal Radios Fading Away? Apr 30

Have Scanner, Will Travel May 29

Miami Monitoring Jun 31

NIH Trunked System Update Jul 33

Las Vegas Mysteries and Frequencies Aug 31

Nevada DoE Update; FAA Closeup Sep 33

Federal Highway Administration Oct 32

Monitoring Road Trip: Arizona and California Nov 34

Scanning Project Dec 35



Monitor’s Guide to NAS Whiting Field and Training Wing Five Jan 39

Aircraft Spotting in the Digital Age Feb 38

Monitoring Venezuela’s Military Mar 49

Monitoring the Pakistan-India Navies Apr 35

Monitoring the 14th Fighter Training Wing May 35

WWV/WWVH Get Provisional Broadcast Timeslot for DoD Jun 36

Monitoring Air Route Traffic Control Centers Jul 39

A New Way to Monitor the Military on January 1, 2020 Aug 37

Phantoms in the Desert Sep 39

Monitoring the Weather, the Old-Fashioned Way Oct 37

DoD Aerial Refueling Frequencies Nov 39

Monitoring the DoD High Frequency Global Communications System Dec 41


Utility Planet

Cuban and Russian ‘Numbers’ Continue Jan 44

It’s Time to Expand Aero Band SELCAL Feb 42

Rejoice! WWV is Saved! Mar 55

North Korean ‘Numbers’ Messages Continue Apr 41

South Korean HFDL Takes Off May 43

About Time: Chasing Obscure Time Stations Jun 41

Chasing German Weather RTTY Jul 44

Cycle 25: Coming to an Ionosphere Near You Aug 42

It’s Summer ‘Numbers’ Time! Sep 45

HF Steps up in Dorian Response Oct 42

US Coast Guard May Discontinue NAVTEX Nov 45

HF Utility in Troubled Ukraine Dec 46


VHF and Above

Space and Near Space Communications Jan 50

ESA Astronaut Tim Peake KG5BVI and UK Space Agency’s Principia Education Campaign Mar 60

ISS Astronauts are Calling CQ Students Apr 46

Owen Garriott W5LFL, Silent Key May 48

Longtime ARISS Mentor, Keith Pugh W5IU, Silent Key Jun 46

Open Source Picosatellite Development Jul 49

The ‘Ah-ha’ Behind Some Types of Aurorae Aug 47
PTRX-7300: Panadapter Module for the IC-7300 Sep 50

Icom’s IC-705: A Preliminary Look Oct 47

USMA Cadets Contact Alum Aboard ISS Nov 50

Planet Alignment and Sunspot Cycle Linked? Dec 51


Digitally Speaking

Double Vision Jan 54

Digital Voice Miscellany Feb 47

EMCOMM and DV Radio Mar 64

Split P Soup Apr 50

Get Yourself Connected May 54

Hamvention 2019: The Good, the Bad and the (not so) Muddy Jun 50

The Network is the Repeater Jul 52

Another Look at D-Star Aug 51

Digital Voice Moves On Sep 54

Back to Basics Oct 51

Digital Voice Radio Buyer’s Guide Nov 54

Three Short Subjects for New Hams Dec 55


Amateur Radio Insights

New Year, New Milestones, New Tidbits Jan 58

Audio Equalizers—Awesome, Overlooked and Gobbledegooked! Feb 51

Antennas before Amplifiers! Mar 8

Down to the Wire Apr 54

Are You a Member of the ‘Tower Tribe’? May 58

100 Years from Now Jul 56

A Log Periodic Tragedy Dec 57


Radio 101

AIR in DRM and Understanding RDS Jan 64

Shortwave Listening in your Car Feb 57

OTA-TV and the Mystery of HDMI Mar 75

ATSC 3, 4K and 5G: What Next? Apr 60

Baseball on the Radio: 2019 May 63

The Rise and Fall of Wi-Fi Radio Jun 54

Emergency Preparations Jul 61

The Trouble with Alexa Aug 55

Hits and Misses: Grace Digital Mondo+ Sep 58

Getting the Most out of your OTA-TV Reception Oct 55

Propagation: Hearing is Believing Nov 58

Free-to-Air Satellite-TV Update Dec 62


Radio Propagation

State of the Union, er…High Frequencies (Outlook for 2019) Jan 68

Lousy Propagation on 40, 80- and 160-Meters Feb 61

It’s a Gray Area Mar 78

A New Cycle is Born Apr 64

E-Layer Sporadic Ionospheric Propagation May 67

June 22-23: Field Day in North America Jun 58

Current Rough Shortwave Conditions Jul 65

Sunspot Cycle 24 Solar Minimum is Coming! Aug 60

That Pesky Solar Wind Oct 60

Largest Sunspot in Solar Sunspot Cycle 24 Dec 66


The World of Shortwave Listening

European SW DXers Meet in Slovakia and Austria Jan 72

Government Shutdown Spurs Pirate Shortwave Activity Feb 64

Shortwave Listening in the 21st Century Mar 82

Hunting Shortwave Schedule Changes Apr 68

Shortwave Broadcasters Discuss Future of the Medium; Time Changes or Does it? May 67

Pirate Radio History and Today’s Activities Jun 64

Digital Radio Mondiale: Testing, Testing, Testing Jul 69

Whatever Happened to the 11-meter Band? Aug 64

Can the Internet Replace Shortwave? Plus: NASB and SWL Fest 2091 Report Sep 63

More Exploring the Mysteries of the 11-meter Band Oct 65

A Better Antenna for Improved Shortwave Listening Nov 62

Online SDRs: Impacting the Way We Listen to Shortwave Dec 70


The Shortwave Listener

WRNO’s Powerful Return; WRMI’s International Programming; BBC Lineup Jan 78

Shortwave Radio Yesterday and Today Feb 68

Shortwave Still Offers Exotic Listening Mar 88

Slovakia on Shortwave, RNZI, plus BBC Programming this Month Apr 73

Radio Lectures; Classical on SW and Radio Santa Cruz May 76

D-Day on the Radio; BBC June Line-up Jun 66

World Sport Coverage on Shortwave; June Shortwave Programming Update Jul 74

German via Shortwave Plus BBC Highlights Aug 69

WWII Radio Commemorations Aug 68

NHK World of Local TV; Canadian Election Coverage; BBC Radio Fare Oct 69

Radio Tirana; BBC Monthly Programming Nov 67

Shortwave Listening Past and Present Dec 74


Maritime Monitoring

Snow, Ice and RF Jan 81

Winter Winds, Spring Melt and Radio Ap 76

Water, Water, Everywhere! Jul 77

Weather, Wind, Waves, Watches and Warnings Oct 72


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Tracking Meteor Activity Feb 71

Long Duration Meteor Trails May 79

The Next Generation Very Large Array: ngVLAA Aug 72

Meteor Monitoring Digital TV Carriers on Channel 2 Nov 70


Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part III) Mar 91

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part IV) Jun 69

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part V) Sep 71

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part VI) Dec 77


The Longwave Zone

Still Learning with SDRs! Mar 95

No Antenna? No Problem! Jun 73

Gearing Up! Sep 74

LF Info: 101 Dec 80


Adventures in Radio Restoration

Part 15: Radio and You Like It Jan 84

EICO HF-35: A Williamson-Mullard 520 Audio Amplifier Feb 75

James Millen and the Toy Company Mar 98

Still a Thrill: The National SW3 ‘Thrill Box’ Apr 80

Millen’s Ham Superhet: The National FB-7 May 82

Fine Business on the Fone Band: National FB-7 Part 2 Jun 76

Introducing the National HRO Jul 81

The Rolls-Royce of Radios: National HRO Part 2 Aug 75

Reviving a ‘Poor Man’s Collins’ The Heathkit SB-301 Sep 78

Rescuing Another Gonset Communicator IV Oct 76

The Hallikit HT-40 Transmitter Nov 73

Helping Dan: A Silvertone 6230A Farm Set Dec 83


Antenna Connections

Stealth: Fighting Antenna Oppression Jan 90

Stealth: An Ongoing Philosophy Feb 81  

Flying High Again: Aircraft Antennas Mar 106

Well Grounded: A Down-to-Earth Station Ap 87

Impedance Matching Jun 82

Magic Band: Antennas for Six Meters Jul 89

End-Fed Antennas Aug 82

Top Band: Antennas for 160 Meters Sep 82

Do the Math: Numbers Crunching for Radio Enthusiasts Nov 77

Feedlines: Getting There from Here Dec 89

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