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The Spectrum Monitor 2020 Index of Feature Articles and Columns


Feature Articles

Amateur Radio

New Era of Portable DXing with SDRs                                                                     Jan. 6

RigExpert Stick 230                                                                                                   May 8

Ham Radio on a Budget                                                                                            Jun. 21

HobbyPCB IQ32 QRP SDR Transceiver                                                                   Sep. 9

Living with a Hex Beam                                                                                             Sep. 22

Yaesu FTM-300DR Transceiver                                                                                Sep. 27

Lab599 TX-500 Discovery Transceiver                                                                     Oct. 9

Mission RGO One Transceiver                                                                                  Nov. 6

MFJ’s RigPi: Radio Anywhere                                                                                   Nov. 11


Aviation Monitoring

2020 Aviation Special: Airshow Feast for the Ears and Eyes                                  Mar. 7

Recapping the 2019 Airshow Experience                                                                Mar. 15

Guide to Airshow Monitoring                                                                                    Mar. 18

ABCs of ADS-B and Airband Reception using SDRs                                              Mar. 26


Equipment Reviews

WOLFWAVE Audio Processor                                                                                 Jan. 12

CommRadio CTX-10 vs. Elecraft KX2                                                                     Feb. 7

SDRplay RSPdx Software Defined Radio                                                                Feb. 11

Yaesu FTDX 101D                                                                                                    Apr. 8

MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise-Canceling Signal Enhancer                                               Apr. 12

Geochron Clock and INRAD W1 Amateur Radio Headphone/Mic                           Jun 27

Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver                                                                                        Aug. 17

Power Trip                                                                                                                 Aug. 23


General Radio

Medium Wave DXing from the Other Side of the Pond                                           Jan. 15

Othernet Free Satellite Radio/Text Service Update                                                 Apr. 14

Weather Satellite Imagery Reception: Part 1                                                           Apr. 17

Murder on the High Seas: Sinking the Lusitania                                                      May 12

XHDATA D-808 AM/FM/SW/Air Portable Radio                                                       May 16

Radio Propagation Banners Explained                                                                     May 21

Weather Satellite Image Reception: Part 2                                                               Jun. 8

Weather Watching and Radio: A Natural Fit                                                             Jun. 12

David Sarnoff: Architect of American Broadcasting                                                 Jul. 13

Summer Reading: WWII Radio Book Reviews                                                         Jul. 17

Electro-Mechanical Selective Calling for Railroads and Mobile Radio Systems      Jul. 20 

Introduction to Monitoring Radiosondes                                                                    Jul. 24

Monitoring the New US Era in Space: Guide to the Florida Space Coast                 Aug. 8

Using Trees as Antennas                                                                                          Aug. 32

Your Radio: A Homeschooling Resource                                                                  Sep. 13

Shortwave Reception Faces Uncertain Times in Brazil                                            Oct. 19

A Radio Revolution in the Swinging 60s: Pirates to Payola                                      Oct. 24

Guide to Monitoring NASA Facilities Part 2                                                               Oct. 30

Ross Hull and the Selden Hill Gang                                                                           Oct. 41

Annual Scanner Buyer’s Guide                                                                                  Nov. 15

SDR Buyer’s Guide                                                                                                    Nov. 23

Panoramic Radio and the Hallicrafters SP-44 Skyrider                                             Dec. 12

The Forgotten Pioneer of Radio Communications—Mahlon Loomis                         Dec. 18

Reviews: QSL-How I Traveled the World and Never Left Home; The Radio

Historian’s Calendar                                                                                                   Dec. 23


100 Years of Radio

Pre-FCC, Educational Radio, Amateurs and the Ford Radio Network                     Jan. 21

The Trailblazers of Commercial Radio Manufacturing in the 1920s                         Feb. 18

Aviation Communications in 1920                                                                            Mar. 32

Crystal Clear: How a 1922 Circular Brought the Wonderment of Radio to the Farm Apr. 21

Radio Publications from 100 Years Ago                                                                    May 25

Celebrating the Young Heroes of Early Wireless and Beyond                                  Jun. 16

Radio and the Great Depression: FDR and the Voice of Reason                             Aug. 27

Broadcasting’s First Years: What was it Like?                                                          Jul. 7

Reginald Fessenden: Sadly, Little more than a Blip on the Wireless Timeline         Sep. 18

Warmest Memories of Manhattan’s Radio Row                                                        Oct. 15

The Rise of the Radio Listener                                                                                  Nov. 30

Moving NBC’s Flagship Station, 1940                                                                       Dec. 8


Regular Columns

Scanning America

Manitowoc County (WI); Mason County (MI)                                                           Jan. 27

Nassau County, New York and TIS Stations                                                            Feb. 25

California Highway Patrol                                                                                         Mar. 36

US Forest Service: LA County (CA); Hudson County (NY)                                      Apr. 26

New York City; Litchfield, Connecticut                                                                      May 29

Changes are Coming to the 900 MHz Band                                                             Jun. 30

Scanning Volusia County, Florida                                                                              Jul. 28

Scanning Elmore County (ID) and El Dorado County (CA)                                       Aug. 34

Scanning California Wildfires                                                                                     Sep.32

Dinwiddie County (VA); DTV Stations Interfering with Scanners                               Oct. 46

Buncombe County, North Carolina                                                                             Nov. 34


Federal Wavelengths

Federal Monitoring for the New Year!                                                                       Jan. 31

Federal Monitoring Mysteries                                                                                    Feb. 29

Super Bowl 54                                                                                                           Mar. 41

Federal Response to COVID-19 in an Election Year                                                Apr. 30

Federal Monitoring During Lockdown                                                                       May 33

More Stay at Home Projects                                                                                     Jun. 35

Federal Radio Oddities in Odd Times                                                                       Jul. 34

Scanning from the Bubble                                                                                         Aug. 38

Las Vegas Follow-up                                                                                                 Sep. 36

Political Campaign Season 2020 Begins                                                                  Oct. 50

The Challenges of Federal Monitoring                                                                      Nov. 38

Texas Scanning Updates                                                                                          Dec. 33



A Military Radio Network Full of Secret Messages                                                 Jan. 35

Monitoring the Australian Wildfires                                                                         Feb. 34

Milcom HF Aeronautical Mobile Scans                                                                   Mar. 47

Monitoring Moody AFB                                                                                           Apr. 37

HF Aeronautical Mobile 3-MHz Band Scans                                                          May 37

Monitoring the Navy P-8A Maritime Surveillance Aircraft                                       Jun. 41

Monitoring the 380-400 MHz LMR Sub-band in the US                                          Jul. 39

Monitoring the 38-400 MHX LMR Sub-band in the US: Part 2                               Aug. 44

Military Monitoring 101                                                                                            Sep. 42

Facts on the FACSFACs                                                                                         Oct. 55

HF Aeronautical Mobile 8-9 MHz and 13 MHz Scans                                             Nov. 43

Milcom Guide to Radio’s Basement Bands                                                             Dec. 39


Utility Planet                                                                                                 

WRC-19 Wraps Up                                                                                                 Jan. 40

HF Steps up in Australian Fire Emergency                                                             Feb. 39

ARINC UrgentLink is Getting Interesting                                                                 Mar. 51

US eLoran Rises from the Dead                                                                             Apr. 44

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Call FEMA                                               May 43

German Weather RTTY: A Blast from the Past                                                       Jun. 47

ARINC Assigns Frequencies for US Oceanic ATC                                                  Jul. 44

S28 Update: The Buzzer’s Many Moods                                                                 Aug. 49

Chinese Fax is Back                                                                                                Sep. 47

Australian HF Land-Mobile Radio                                                                            Oct.61

Will the US Discontinue NAVTEX?                                                                          Nov. 48

2020 Year-End Wrap-up                                                                                          Dec. 44


VHF and Above                                                                                            

Demystifying the Hexagon-type Antenna                                                                 Jan. 46

Morphing the Planned Hexagon-type Antenna into a 2-Element Quad                    Feb. 44

More Morphing: This Time a New Center Connector                                               Mar. 56

Amateur Radio: Adapting and Innovating                                                                 Apr. 49

Hunting Zombie Satellites                                                                                         May 48

VHF and Above Contest Season Starts                                                                   Jun. 52

ARRIS News, Mid-Atlantic Balloon Race and VHF Contest Update                        Jul. 49

Virtual Hamfests and VHF & Above Contests                                                          Aug. 54

IC 705s and Accessories; Arecibo Damage; 6-Meter EME Activity Up                    Oct. 66

The Leonids Meteor Shower—a Look Back                                                             Nov. 53


Digitally Speaking

2020 Visions                                                                                                             Jan. 48

DV: How Low Can You Go?                                                                                      Feb. 48

A Universal Translator for Digital Voice                                                                     Mar. 60

Hitting the Wall                                                                                                          Apr. 55

Hello, Neighbor                                                                                                         May 42

Xenia Stayvention 2020                                                                                            Jun. 56

Repeaters Repeating                                                                                                Jul. 53

Radiators Radiating                                                                                                   Aug. 58

Signs of Life                                                                                                              Sep. 52

A Trunking Radio Primer                                                                                           Oct. 69

A Digital Voice Buyer’s Guide                                                                                   Nov. 56


Amateur Radio Insights

Useful Gain and Directivity                                                                                       Jan. 52

Floods, Pestilence, and Interference                                                                        Feb. 52

If you can’t find RFI, you can’t fix RFI!                                                                      Mar. 64

The ‘Core’ Solution to Nasty Interference                                                                 Apr. 58

Will Amateur Radio Survive the Perfect Storm                                                         May 56

Six-Meter Minimalism                                                                                               Jun. 60

Low-Budget Antenna System Hacks                                                                         Jul. 57

Hams and Lightning Protections: A Shocking Failure?                                             Sep. 56

Rotators: They Do Make ‘em Like They Used To                                                     Oct. 73

Missing Morse?                                                                                                         Nov. 60


Radio 101

The OTA-TV Migration Phase 8; Dawn of ATSC 3.0 and Digital Age Oddities        Jan. 59

2020 DRM Shortwave Report: Trials and Tribulations                                             Feb. 57

So, you want to be an Air Traffic Controller?                                                            Mar. 69

Baseball on the Radio 2020                                                                                      Apr. 62

Introduction to Broadcasters on C-band Free-to-Air Satellite                                   May 61

Whatever Happened to 10 Meters; WorkTunes Revisited                                        Jun. 65

Ku-Band Free-to-Air Satellite Update                                                                       Jul. 62

Radio Garden                                                                                                            Aug. 62

International Media use FTA Satellite-TV to Influence Europe,

Africa, North and South American   Sep. 62

DX Radio Listening: Easier than Ever                                                                       Oct. 78

HD-Radio 2020 Update: FCC Approves Voluntary All-Digital AM Broadcasting;

Review: SPARC SHD-T750 AM/FM/HD Radio                                                          Nov. 65 

AM, FM, HF, Scanner Antenna Lead-in; Jean Shepherd                                           Dec. 61


Radio Propagation

The Solar Orbiter                                                                                                        Apr. 66


The World of Shortwave Listening

Shortwave in South America; HFCC B19 Conference                                              Jan. 62

MW/SW Pirates; Carrier Sleuth and the 2020 SWL Fest                                          Feb. 61

Aviation and Shortwave Listening                                                                             Mar. 72

The Classic FRG-7 and Radio Vanuatu                                                                     Apr. 69

Shortwave Broadcasting in the Era of the Coronavirus                                             May 65

Pirate Shortwave Broadcasts During the COVID Pandemic                                     Jun. 69

Toward Better Shortwave Reception                                                                         Jul. 67

Noise, Noise, Everywhere Noise                                                                               Aug. 65

Virtual Frequency Coordination for Shortwave Stations? Yes, Indeed!                    Sep. 67

Gearing up for Halloween 2020 Shortwave Pirate Broadcasts                                 Oct. 83

Latin American Shortwave Panorama                                                                       Nov. 72

Japan’s Private Shortwave Station                                                                            Dec. 64


The Shortwave Listener

DW, REE, RRI and More                                                                                         Jan. 70

Vatican Radio; BBC and WBCQ                                                                              Feb. 65

Voice of Turkey; Country Music; BBC Fare                                                             Mar. 76

World’s Medical News; Czech Radio and BBC Highlights for April                         Apr. 73

CBC, WBCQ, RNZI and BBC on the Air                                                                  May 70

WBCQ’s Big Broadcast of 2020; RNZI, RRI, and BBC Programming Notes          Jun 73

Voice of Greece, Radio Thailand, BBC Fare                                                           Jul. 72

RAE Argentina; Radio Marti; BBC Fare                                                                   Aug. 69

Radio Prague, WBCQ, WWCR, BBC Programming for September                        Sep. 72

Radio Oesterreich International and More                                                                Oct. 87

Jazz on Shortwave; WBCQ, BBC Fare                                                                    Nov. 77

Seasonal Shortwave Programming                                                                          Dec. 69


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Geminids 2019 and Quadrantids 2020                                                                    Feb. 68

A New Radio Meteor Listener in Mexico                                                                  May 73

QrssPiG—Meteor Monitoring                                                                                   Aug. 72

Improving Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SID) Monitoring                               Nov. 80


Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part 5)                                                                    Mar. 79

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part 6)                                                                    Jun. 76

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part 7): The Amazing Story of AMSAT OSCAR-7 Sep. 75

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part 8): United Kingdom’s HamSats                     Dec. 72


Maritime Monitoring

Season of Changes                                                                                                   Jan. 73

New Season, Changes and Old Memories                                                                Apr. 76

Quarantined but Still Getting Out                                                                               Jul. 75

Thank You and 73s                                                                                                    Oct. 90


The Longwave Zone

630 and 2200-Meter Ham Bands                                                                               Mar. 82

What’s Your Longwave “Thing”                                                                                  Jun. 80

Where I’m Coming From                                                                                            Oct. 93


Adventures in Radio Restorations

The Toy Wish that Started an Empire: Crosley Ace Type V                                      Jan. 76

The Reflex: Crosley Trirdyn Special                                                                          Feb. 71

The “Power Lab” Precise Model 713                                                                         Mar. 85

The GE Chairside: Model F-665                                                                                Apr. 79

Restoring an Old Acquaintance: Heathkit AR-3 Receiver                                          May 76

A Tubeless Bargain: Hallicrafters S-40                                                                      Jun. 83

Handy Homebrew Devices for Radio Restorations                                                   Jul. 78

Ameco and the TX-62 Transmitter                                                                             Aug. 75

The Cheap Radio: Hallicrafters S-107                                                                       Sep. 78

“The Dynatomic” Stromberg-Carlson Model 1200                                                     Oct. 96

The “Rust One” Henry Tempo-One Transceiver                                                        Nov. 83

The Motorized Hallicrafters: R45-AN/ARR7                                                              Dec. 78


Antenna Connections

Up and Over: Understanding Polarizations                                                               Jan. 81

Making Choices: Feedline and Antenna Combinations                                             Feb. 77

Loops: Overview and Real-World Effects                                                                  Mar. 90

The Effects of Ground on Radio Signals                                                                   Oct. 102

Public Service Monitoring                                                                                          Nov. 88

Antenna Shortcuts? Not Always Wise                                                                       Dec. 84

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