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2022 Feature Article and Column Title Index

(The month of appearance is at the end of the title)


Amateur Radio

The Scorpion Antenna: An All-Band Antenna for HOA Restricted Hams Jan

Cheap QRP: How Low Should You Go? Feb

Stealth DX with a Cushcraft D4 Dipole in Your Attic Feb

NVIS: Everything You Know is Wrong Mar 

TSM Reviews: Xiegu X6100 Apr

TSM Reviews: MFJ Line-Noise Interference Locators Apr

Mistaken Identity: Will the Real J-38 Please ‘Key Down’? Apr

TSM Reviews: Penntek TR-35 May

Choosing a Field Radio Jun

Working Astronauts in Space Jun

SDR# and SDR Console: Two Options for SDRs Jun

TSM Reviews: WiNRADiO G69DDCe Jun

2022 Dayton Hamvention Report Jun

An HOA Compliant Antenna for More than TV Aug

Flex Tuner Genius XL Sep

Troubleshooting When Things Seem to Go Wrong Sep

The Enduring Yaesu FT-817 and FT-818 Transceivers Oct

Adventure Radio Society’s Annual ‘Flight of the Bumble Bees’ Oct

LnR Precision MTR-4B V2 QRP Transceiver Nov

Remote Ham Radio Options: Software and Hardware Nov

Secrets of the End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna Nov


Aviation and Radio

TSM’s 2022 Annual Air Show Guide Mar

The 2021 Air Show Revisited Mar

Annual Guide to Monitoring Air Shows Mar



Forecasting Space Weather: A Complex Challenge Jan

Change We Can Count On Feb

THEMIS Still Delivers New Discoveries Mar

Season of Lights Apr

Solar Cycle 25 is Very Much Alive May

Summer Tropospheric Propagation and VHF DX Jun


Radio General Interest

A Beginner’s Guide to AM DX Jan

TSM Guide to Monitoring the HF Marine Bands Feb

The Amazing, Wonderous KAZ Antenna: A not-so-secret weapon for AM DX Feb

International TV DX: Tune in TV from Foreign Countries May

Preparing for the 2022 Hurricane Season Jun

Time, Measurement and Radio (Part One) Jun

Time, Measurement and Radio (Part Two) Jul

North and South American Countries on Medium Wave Jul

Retail Radio in Uncertain Economic Times Aug

The Cancel-ator: Xiegu GNR1 Audio Noise Filter Aug

Six Meters and Friends Aug

Radio Stamps and QSL Cards Aug

Part 15 Broadcasting Today Sep

Buying a Portable Radio for AM DX Oct

Using Ferrite Bar Antennas and Loops Oct

The Medium Wave Circle Receiver in Scotland Oct

2022 SDR Buyer’s Guide Nov

2022 Scanner Radio Buyer’s Guide Nov


Radio History

KQV: 100 Years in the Shadow of KDKA Jan

Edward R. Murrow: Inventor of Broadcast Journalism Jan

Pioneer FM Broadcasting in Connecticut’s Mysterious Hills Feb

Edwin H. Armstrong: Champion of FM Radio Feb

WGR: The Station that Federal Radio Built Feb

100 Years of Radio: Radio Comes to the US Capitol Mar

KDKA Pittsburgh: Listen to What They Started Apr

Amateur Radio and Computers: A Divine Intersections Part 1 Apr

Amateur Radio and Computers: Part 2 May

Howard Hughes’ 1938 Around-the-World Flight May

Hughes’ 1938 Flight as Reported in the Press May

Lesser-Known Early Radio Engineers and Scientists Jul

The Zenith Trans-Oceanic and Model T600 Portables Jul

The First Lady of Radio: Mary Texanna Loomis Jul

Willis Conover: The Voice of the Voice of America Sep

100 Years of Radio: National Radio Institute Sep

100 Years of Radio: Radio Comes to Chicago Oct

Disruptive Technologies that Changed RCA’s ‘Radio Central’ Dec

The Neutrodyne Patent and the Freed-Eisemann NR-5 Dec

US Route 66 and Los Angeles Radio History Dec

WSM: The Air Castle of the South Dec

Graynella Packer: Wireless Trailblazer (Part 1) Dec


Scanning America 

Kent County, Michigan Jan

Simi Valley, California Feb

Doña Ana County, New Mexico Mar

Santa Monica, California Apr

Benton County, Oregon May

A New Paging System Jun

Napa Valley, California Jul

Available Interstitial Channels Aug

Orlando, Florida Sep

Washington State Patrol Update Oct

Delaware County, Pennsylvania Nov

Daviess County, Kentucky Dec


Federal Wavelengths

Scanning Nebraska, New Mexico and El Paso Jan

Federal Trunking Systems Feb

‘Chipping’ Through the ‘ICE’ Mar

Super Bowl 54 Apr

The 400 to 406 MHz Mystery Band May

Monitoring the SPR and FAA Jun

Federal Disaster Frequencies Jul

SDR Use in Federal Monitoring Aug

Federal Monitoring—is it Worth it? Sep

Federal Radio IDs Oct

Hurricane Ian Response Nov

2022 Wrap-Up Dec



Mystery Russian HF Military Stations, Part 2 Jan

STANAG 4285; Altus, OK AFB Profile Feb

Monitoring Russia’s Long Range Aviation Military Nets Mar

Anderson AFB, Guam Apr

FAA Frequency Updates: Boston/Jacksonville ARTCC May

A Sly Full of E-6Bs Jun

E-4B Aircraft Serve as National Airborne Operations Center Jul

Fill’er Up and Don’t Forget the Green Stamps! Aug

The US Navy’s Area 51 Sep

US Air Force Base Tour Oct

Monitoring US Coast Guard Aviation Fleet Nov

US Air Force Base Tour Dec


Utility Planet

On the Trail of MARSCOMM RTTY Jan

Russian Kazakhstan Troop Deployment on HF Feb

US Coast Guard Drops Most HF Voicer Distress Watches Mar

Ukraine War on HF Apr

Russian Communication Failure in Ukraine May

Ukraine Conflict Causes ‘Numbers’ Changes Jun

Kiwi SDR Adds ‘Aussie Selcall’ Jul

US Military ‘Foxtrot’ Messages are Alive Aug

Demystifying Maritime DSC Sep

HF ‘Numbers’ Continue in 2022 Oct

2022 Hurricane Season on HF Nov

Noble Skywave 2022 Dec


The World of Shortwave Listening

Shortwave and the Utah Connection Jan

Euro and US Pirate Shortwave Activity Feb

Radio in Uruguay; Falklands War; Peru’s Chinese Connection Mar

Shortwave from Southeast Asia and Oceana Apr

This is Not a Normal Time May

Euro-Pirates Take up Ukrainian Cause Jun

100 Years of Brazil Broadcasting Jul

New Zealand, China, Australia on Shortwave and More Aug

NASB 2022: Back in the Saddle Again Sep

Shortwave Pirates Through the Years Oct

Latin American Radio Report Nov

Clandestine Stations Under the Microscope Dec


The Shortwave Listener

January on Shortwave and ‘Marion’s Attic’ Jan

New Shortwave Programs for 2022 Feb

WBCQ; Channel 292; Pop Shop Radio; Texas Radio Shortwave Mar

Ukraine News on Shortwave Apr

Shortwave Programming Schedule May

French Language on Shortwave and More! Jun

New Music, Indie Music on Shortwave Jul

Shortwave Stations Real and Imagined Aug

September Shortwave Programs Sep

Shortwave Honors the Queen Oct

Fall Shortwave Schedules Nov

Christmas on the Radio 2022 Dec


Radio 101

ATSC 3.0 Progress; HD Radio and Expanding Satellite Radio Jan

Digital Radio Mondiale: Update on the Digital Shortwave Format Feb

Modern Shortwave Listening Mar

SWLing Eastern Europe Déjà vu Apr

Buying an ATSC 3.0 TV Set; Baseball on the Radio 2022 May

ATSC 3.0 Update: The Good, the Bad and the Stunning Jun

Streaming International TV and Radio with a Stick Jul

MiLB on the Radio DoD Crossband Test, FD and SCR Aug

Antenna Mayhem Sep

Cord Cutting and All That Jazz Oct

21st Century SWL Nov

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats Dec


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Jodrell Bank Telescope History; Meteor Afterglow and FITS Charts Feb

Super Solar Event on March 30, 2022, May

Amateur Radio Astronomy Books Aug

The ‘Big Ear’ Radio Telescope’s ‘Wow’ Signal Nov


Amateur Radio Satellites

Shining the Spotlight on AMSAT Mar

Spotlight on the APRS Satellites Jun

Tracking Topics and Hamvention 2022 Sep

A Satellite Etiquette Primer Dec


Adventures in Radio Restorations

Eico ST-40: An Integrated Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier from 1961 Jan

Eico ST-96: A ‘Stereo’ Tuner for 1961 Feb

1960s FM Stereo: Eico’s MX-99 Multiplex Adapter Mar

The Smoke Got Out: Hammarlund HQ-170 Apr

National’s Mid-Priced Receiver: The NC-57 May

Lafayette Radio’s Cheapest Tombstone: Model 3J4 Jun

A Tale of Two EXs: The Meissner Signal Shifter Jul

Surviving the USS Daly: A Navy RBS-2 Aug

National’s First Moving-Coil Radio: The Art Deco NC-100 Sep

The All-Metal Transoceanic Clone: National NC-66 Oct

The Fearnola: 1920s TRF Three-Dial Set Nov

The ‘Allegro’ Harmon-Kardon Model A-10 Hi-Fi Amp Dec


Digitally Speaking

M17: Future or Footnote? Feb

ACARS, ADS-B and More Mar

Need a Duplexer? Maybe Not Apr

Road Trip! May

Something New (Again) Aug

The Revolution Evolution of Digital Voice Radio Sep

2022 Amateur Radio Digital Voice Guide Nov


The Longwave Zone

What’s the Deal with Beacons? Mar

Longwave Resources Abound Sep

SDR Startup Dec


Antenna Connections

The ‘L’ Antenna Option Jan

Feedline Nuggets Apr

The Beverage Antenna Jul

Hunting Foxes Oct

Squeezing Them All in Dec


Amateur Radio Insights

Bad Weather Blues Jan

Signs of the Times or We Get Cards and Letters Apr

UPS Interrupted: A Tale of Four Batteries May

Inspiring Old-Timers Jul

Looping Back Aug

Old Stuff—Venerable, Ancient or Simply Weak Sauce? Sep

CQ EQ! Oct

You Can’t Fool Mother Nature Dec


VHF and Above

IC 705 After-Market Item: A Go Box Jan

Remembering W2UK/KH6UK Feb

Bob Bruninga WB4APR Remembered Mar

Remembering the Sarajevo Siege 1996 Apr

2022 AFD Crossband Test; Remembering AB8AJ May

How to Rejuvenate Your Local Club Jun

Icom’s SHF Project Creates a Buzz at Hamvention Jul

Icom IC-905 Introduced in Japan Sep

Arecibo Update: Two Years after the Destruction Oct

Amateur Radio Disaster Response: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim Dec

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