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2014 TSM Articles Index



Air Monitoring

FAA’s NextGen Air-Nav System Jan Page 19

Monitoring the Action at an Air Show Mar Page 9

Air Monitoring and Photography Mar Page 13

2014 Air Show Guide Mar Page 16

An Integrated Approach to Monitoring Aviation Mar Page 19

Do-it-Yourself” Drones            Mar Page 28

Plane Spotter to Air Traffic Controller Jul Page 16

Monitoring the Russian Air Force Oct Page 11


Amateur Radio

Weathering the Storm: Amateur Radio in the Classroom Feb Page 22

The CubeSat Revolution: The Birth of a New Space Industry Feb Page 16

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Communications Trailer May Page 11

Digitally Speaking: Amateur Radio Digital Voice Operating May Page 16

Digitally Speaking: Connect Systems CS700 Review Sep Page 20

Digitally Speaking: Amateur Radio and Project-25 Nov Page 42

Radio Hobbyist’s Guide to Kits May Page 22

QRP: Radio Fun Without A Fortune May Page 26

It Started with a CB: Heathkit’s Famous ‘Lunchbox’ Transceivers May Page 31

Work DXCC While on Vacation Jun Page 9

Stealth Antennas: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t! Jun Page 15

2014 Dayton Hamvention Recap Jun Page 23

Military Auxiliary Radio System: Partner in Emergency Preparedness Aug Page 9

Moon Bounce: Earth-Moon-Earth Basics Jul Page 20

Round-up of Amateur HF Transceivers and Price Guide Nov Page 18


DIY Radio

Geek’s Guide to Radio: Meet the Original Makers, Hackers and Fixers Jan Page 14

Build this Experimental AM DX Receiver Apr Page 24

Hardrock 50 Amplifier Kit: Giving QRP a Boost Sep Page 24


Equipment Reviews:

TSM Tests Best Shortwave Portables under $40 Jan Page 49

TSM Reviews: Uniden BC536HP Mobile Scanner Apr Page 17

Titanium Satellite’s Big Dish Mover Jun Page 27

The Best of the Top Shortwave Portables Jun Page 65

An Inexpensive VHF/UHF Spectrum Analyzer Dongle Sept Page 10

TSM Review Follow-up: Uniden 563 HP – Six Months Later Nov Page 16

TSM Shortwave Radio Buyer’s Guide: Portables, Tabletops & SDRs Nov Page 32

TSM Reviews: Linkbox 8000 Local Premium FTA Receiver Nov Page 47


General Interest Radio

Australian Rules Radio: Communications History Down Under Feb Page 8

Unraveling the Mysteries of Coaxial Cable Apr Page 26

Radio on the Road: TIS and HAR Radio           Jun Page 19

Monitoring NATO War Games Jul Page 9

Dixon, California: America’s Shortwave Mecca Jul Page 29

BBG and Technology: The Struggle for Global Relevance Aug Page 17

The Slow and Unsteady Course of HD Radio Sep Page 15

TSM Reviews: Elad FDM-S3 Software Defined Shortwave Radio Nov Page 37

Vint Hill Farms Cold War Museum Dec Page 25

Old-Time Radio Lives Today Dec Page 28


FTA Satellite TV

Free-to Air Satellite on a 6-foot Dish Apr Page 21

Free-to-Air C and Ku-band Satellite Signals in North America Oct Page 18


Pirate Radio

Chasing HF Pirates Feb Page 25

Pirate Radio Superlatives Oct Page 28



The High Cost of Interoperability Jan Page 26

Use a DVB-T Dongle for VHF/UHF Monitoring Mar Page 24

Monitoring the Chesapeake Bay by Sea and Air Jul Page 25

TSM Scanner Buyer’s Guide 2014 Nov Page 10


Vintage Radio

Philips USA and the Un-Happy Station Jan Page 9

From Pirates to Morale Radio Apr Page 10

Returning to the Carrier: the YE-ZB Radio System Aug Page 22

Putting the ‘Radio’ in Radio Shack Aug Page 27

Radio Rovers of the 1920s 20114 Dec Page 11

The Summer of ’42 Radios 2014 Oct Page 23

Mystery Regenerative Radio 2014 Dec Page 15

Those Vintage Capacitors 2014 Dec Page 19




Scanning America

Scanning, Satellites, Trunked Systems and More! January Page 28

Researching Local Public Service Radio Systems February Page 28

Weather Monitoring March Page 31

Scanning Adams and Weld Counties in Colorado April Page 30

NOAA WX, NIST, Morgan County, West Virginia May Page 36

Scanning St. Clair County, IL and a Whistler Scanner Preview June Page 30

Public Safety vs. Industrial/Business Pool Frequencies July Page 33

Radio Activity in the National Radio Quiet Zone August Page 32

Multi-Agency Radio Communications and More Sept. Page 27

History of Rebanding, PCWIN and the PA Turnpike Oct. Page 32

New York and Pennsylvania OpenSky Nov. Page 50

Scanning Southwest Ohio and Western Washington State Dec. Page 31


Federal Wavelengths

Monitoring Federal Frequencies            Jan Page 32

Coast Guard Communications Systems Feb Page 34

Federal Interoperability Revisited Mar Page 36

Super Bowl XLVIII Scanning Report Apr Page 36

Agency Close-up: BATFE May Page 41

Where are the Federal Frequencies? Jun Page 37

Who am I Hearing on these Federal Frequencies           Jul Page 39

El Paso, Texas, Federal Monitoring Aug Page 38

The Drug Enforcement Administration Sep Page 32

Hiding Federal Communications Oct Page 37

Armed Federal Agencies Nov Page 55

Las Vegas Federal Monitoring Dec Page 37


Utility Planet

Utility Shortwave Explained Jan Page 35

Australia’s MHFCS Soundings Heard in Europe Feb Page 38

New Frequency for Cuban ‘Babbler’ Mar Page 39

Taiwanese Navy: The Strange Tale of ‘AIRPLE’ Apr Page 41

Monitoring the Crimea Crisis May Page          45

 HF Utility: The Ultimate Reality Show Jun Page 42

On the Trail of FAV22/M51 Jul Page 44

US Air Force HFGCS Aug Page 42

Stalking Polish Numbers: Has ‘Strich’ Been Found? Sept Page 37

More on Cuban Hybrid Numbers Oct Page 41

New HFDL Frequency Table in Effect Nov Page 59

HM01 ‘Outage’ Still a Mystery Dec Page 42


Digital HF: Intercept and Analyze                                                

The Intrigue of Digital Noise Jan Page 37

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz: the Conclusion Feb Page 41           

Monitoring Safety at Sea with GMDSS/DSC Mar Page 42

Monitoring Global Aviation Activity with HF Datalink Apr Page 42

Monitoring Global Aviation Activity with HF Datalink May Page 48

Getting Started with MIL-STD-188-141A ALE Decoding Jun Page 45

More ALE MIL-STD-188-141A Protocol and ALE Networks Jul Page 47

The World of SITOR-B           Aug Page 45

The Russian AT3004D 12-Tone HF Modem Sep Page 40

The NATO STANAG4285 HF Modem Oct Page 44

US Strategic ALE Networks Nov Page 62

Two More Mystery Networks: Pactor and MIL-188-141ALE Dec Page 45


Amateur Radio Insights                                                                              

Antenna Tuners: The Devil’s in the Details Jan Page 39

ARRL Turns 100 and Crazy Propagation Feb Page 43           

Antennas: Height Makes Right! Mar Page 44

RG/6 to the Rescue Apr Page 46

Radiation, Resonance and SWR: Comparing Apples to Boomerangs May Page 53

WRTC-2014: Radio’s ‘Olympiad’ Needs Your Participation Jun Page 50

Takin’ it to the Streets (and Hills!) Jul Page 52

Mysterious End-Fed Antennas Aug Page 50

Twisting in the Wind: Don’t Choose the Wrong Rotator Sept Page 44

Thoughts on Stealthy Operating          Oct Page 50

Thoughts on Stealthy Operating: Part 2 Nov Page 66

The Cold Equations: How to Boost your Signal Dec Page 50


Radio 101                                                                                          

Antenna Solutions for Hams and SWLers Jan Page 42

Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi Radios Feb Page 46

Amateur Radio DX and QSLing Made Easy Mar Page 48

Two Over-the-Air Digital Tuners/Recorders Apr Page 50

Getting Your Ham Ticket: How Hard can it Be? May Page 57

Your One-Hour Radio Vacation            Jun Page 55

Satellite Radio vs. Wi-Fi Radio Jul Page 57

Field Day on a 16-Foot Extension Ladder Aug Page 54

The $40 12-Volt Power Supply that comes with a Free Drill! Sept Page 49

Highs and Lows of DXCC and QSLing Oct Page 54

Best of CB, FRS/GMRS and Weather Radios Nov Page 70

Radio Emphera            Dec Page 55


Radio Propagation                                                                           

In the Beginning…Jan Page 45

Propagation and Shortwave Listening Feb Page 49

Comparative Analysis with ACE-HF Mar Page 52

Radio Signal Circuit Analysis with ACE-HF Apr Page 55

The Antenna is the Key! (Part 1) May Page 61

The Antenna is the Key! (Part 2) Jun Page 61

Starting an Adventure on the High Frequencies Jul Page 60

Researching Propagation using JT65A: Part 1 Aug Page 57

Researching Propagation using JT65A: Part 2 Sep Page 52

Researching Propagation using JT65A: Part 3 Oct Page 58

Researching Propagation using JT65A: Part 4 Nov Page 73

Hidden Portals in Earth’s Magnetic Field Dec Page 48


The World of Shortwave Listening                                                

TSM Tests Best Shortwave Portables under $40 Jan Page 49

Tune in to Pirate Shortwave Broadcasts Feb Page 55

Traveling Light, SWLing Right            Mar Page 56

Eight Tips for Better Shortwave Listening Apr Page 59

The Amateur/Shortwave Connection May Page 65

The Best of the Top Portables Jun Page 65

Shortwave Broadcasting Needs More Than Just News Jul Page 67

The Australian Shortwave Listening Perspective          Aug Page 62

HFCC Resources for Shortwave Listeners Sep Page 57

Does Shortwave have a Future Oct Page 62

Hong Kong Broadcasting Legend, Uncle Ray Nov Page 78

Solomon Islands, Congo, Russia and More! Dec page 64


The Shortwave Listener                                                                  

Shortwave Listening in 2014 Jan Page 53

Canadian SW, KBC and Radio Australia Feb Page 59

Voice of Vietnam and Channel Africa Mar Page 60

Various Shades of Propaganda Apr Page 64

How Shortwave Covers the News; Christian Music May Page 70

Shortwave News: a Better Perspective Jun Page 71

Summer Shortwave and Online Listening Jul Page 71

Exotic Programming on Shortwave Aug Page 70

The Romance of Language via Shortwave Sep Page 62

The German Language on Shortwave Oct Page 70

The Times they are a-Changin’ Nov Page 81

Christmas Worldwide via Shortwave Dec Page 70


Maritime Monitoring                                                                                  

Listening to the Action on Winter’s Waves Jan Page 69

Spring Thaw Opens Maritime Frequencies Apr Page 66

Summer Maritime Traffic Jul Page 74

Once an SWL, always an SWL Oct Page 73


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Meteor Detection in the 21st Century Feb Page 61

The LKWA Antenna for Radio Astronomy May Page 71

A Visit to Owens Valley Radio Observatory Aug Page 70

The Jansky and its Use Nov Page 84


Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio Satellite Update Feb Page 62

Manned Space and Amateur Radio Jun Page 74

More New Amateur Radio Satellites on the Horizon Sep Page 65

Happy 40th Birthday AMSAT Oscar-7! Dec Page 73


The Longwave Zone                                                                         

Is there a Future for the ‘Basement Band.’ Jan Page 72

One More Look Back Feb Page 65

Mid-to-Late Season DX Mar Page 67

Spring Check-up Apr Page 69

Amateurs on Longwave May Page 74

Longwave Afield Jun Page 79

Vintage Longwave Listening Jul Page 78

Dog-Day Monitoring Aug Page 74

What is DGPS?            Sep Page 69

A Cure for PPHD: Part 1 Oct Page 76

A Cure for PPHD: Part 2 Nov Page 88

A Cure for PPHD Part 3          Dec Page 77


Adventures in Radio Restoration                                                  

Electrical Safety for Radio Restorers Jan Page 75

Becoming a Radio Amateur in 1920 Feb Page 69

A Tale of Two Progressive Radios Mar Page 71

Resurrecting a Crosley Fiver Apr Page 72

The Crosley Fiver Restoration Continues May Page 77

The Fiver’s Voice is Heard Jun Page 83

The Coming of the AC Tube Jul Page 82

Buttoning up the Crosley Sixer Aug Page 77

RCA’s ’12,000 Mile’ Radio Sep Page 73

The RCA ’12,000 Miler’ Comes to Life Oct Page 79

About Paper and Electrolytic Capacitors Nov Page 92

Sizing, Selecting and Installing Capacitors and Resistors Dec Page 80


The Broadcast Tower                                                                                   

Use Your PC for Off-Air Recording Jan Page 77

LPFM Land-Rush Feb Page 72

AM Improvement: The People Speak Mar Page 75

AM on FM Apr Page 75

How Many are Too Many? May Page 80

Watching Radio and Listening to TV Jun Page 86

Where’s that Station? Jul Page 85

Why is that Tower Where it is? Aug Page 80

Watching the Radio Part II Sep Page 76

Filling out the Forms Oct Page 82

Clear Channel is No More! Nov Page 94

The Dial: Then and Now Dec Page 83


Antenna Connections                                                                                 

Antennas: Organic Systems, Targets of Oppression Jan Page 80

The Black Box Decoded: How Tuners Work Feb Page 76

Closer to Daylight: Antennas Above 54 MHz Mar Page 78

On the Down-Low: Receiving Antennas for 160-Meters Apr Page 78

Center Post: More Adventures with the Big Dipole May Page 85

Ready for Field Day: the VI as Portable Antenna Jun Page 89

Beyond the Rubber Ducky: Antennas for 144 and 432 MHz Jul Page 88

What’s My Line? Pros and Cons of Various Feedlines Aug Page 83

A Balanced Line Lightning Arrestor Sep Page 79

Understanding Polarization: Which Way Did They Go? Oc Page 85

Drunken Zepp: A Different Approach to Building a Vertical for HF Nov Page 98

Antennas of Yore: A Look Back Dec Page 86

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