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2017 TSM Index



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Air Monitoring

2017 Air Show Preview Mar 12

Blue Angels and Thunderbird Crashes Mar 2016 Air Show Season Mar 17

2017 Frequency Guide to Air Show Monitoring Mar 19

ADS-B Monitoring with a Raspberry Pi Mar 25

2017 Air Show Schedule Mar 27


Amateur Radio

Going Portable with Amateur Radio Satellites Apr 13

Using Weak Signals to Reach for the Sky Jun 19

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Microwave Backbone and DMR Repeater Network Aug 10

Using Weak-Signal Modes for Propagation, RFI and Antenna Analysis Aug 23

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio Inc., the Dayton Hamvention 2016 Club of the Year Sep 18

A Visual Tour of the Tokyo Ham Fair Oct 16

Entry Level HF Transceiver Comparison Oct 23


Shortwave Radio

Living the Shortwave Broadcasting Dream at WTWW Jan 9

Going Mobile with SDR Jan 18

The “Russian Woodpecker” HF Demon of the 1970s—80s Feb 12

Over-the-Horizon Radar Today Feb 15

TSM Reviews: World Radio TV Handbook Feb 28

DRM—Digital Radio Mondiale Spectrum within a Spectrum May 19


Equipment Reviews

SteppIR BigIR MK IV: Going to Great Lengths Jan 14

Klingenfuss Shortwave Utility, Broadcast and Frequency Guides Jan 31

Putting My Hand-held Antennas to the Test Feb 23

QRP Labs Ultimate 3S Transmitter Kit May 9

DX Engineering HF Portable TW Antennas May 16

Yaesu FTM-100 DR: Amateur Friendly Digital Operating Jun 10

W4OP Loop Antenna Aug 19

Icom IC-R8600 All-Band All-Mode Software Defined Receiver Sep 10

Digitech ARI780 Oct 20

Yaesu FT-891 All-Mode HF+6 100 Watt Transceiver Nov 9

SpyVerter V2 Nov 13

Yaesu FT-70DR Dec 24


Over-the-Air AM/FM/TV and Free-to-Air Satellite TV

Basics of Motorized Satellite Reception: Part 1 Jan 28

Big Dish Movers: Horizon-to-Horizon Actuators Feb 34

Motorized Ku-band Satellite Reception Apr 30

Results of FCC Incentive Auction and Repacking of US TV Spectrum May 22

TV Band Re-packing Report: New Channel Assignments by TV Markets from #1 to #57 June 29

TV Band Re-packing Report: New Channel Assignments by TV Markets Part 2 Jul 34

TV Band Re-packing Report: New Channel Assignments by TV Markets Part 3 Aug 30

Impact of the FCC’s TV-Band Repack Sep 23


General Interest Radio

The Extra Punch of SSB on CB Jan 24

Computers and Ham Radio—Part 001 Feb 29

Community Emergency Response Teams: Are You Ready for a Disaster? Apr 17

Outernet Update: Free, One-way Internet now via L-Band Satellite Apr 22

Computers and Ham Radio Part 010 Apr 25

Tuning Out? History and Legacy of Longwave Broadcasting in Europe May 13

FCC Rewrites some Rules for CB/FRS/GMRS/MURS and Amateur Radio Jun 25

The Voice of America at 75 Jul 9

Xenia, Ohio, Hamvention: The Good, the Bad and the Muddy Jul 29

Introduction to Scanning Today Aug 14

Sputnik Remembered Oct 10

The European DX Council at 50 Oct 25

Trans-Equatorial Propagation: Pillows in the Sky Oct 29

Annual Scanner Buyer’s Guide Nov 16

The Brief and Colorful History of Private US Shortwave Giants Dec 13


Vintage Radio

Boy’s Life Radio Club: The biggest SWL club of the 1950s nobody’s heard of Feb 17

The Junior Radio Club Feb 21

Early Radio Broadcasting: Publicity Stunts and Unusual Broadcasts Jun 14

Heavenly Fires and Lights without Wires Jul 15

‘Modernizing’ the TV7/U Tube Tester with Sencore, Hickok, or Homebrew Adapter July 19

Electrical Pioneers: The Life and Times of Guglielmo Marconi and Ernst Alexanderson Sep 14

The Beginnings of Sports Broadcasting and Radio’s First Sports Broadcasters Dec 8

Meter Matters: Modern vs. Vintage Meters in Radio Restoration Dec 18




Scanning America

New Digital Modes for Some Scanners Jan 32

TETRA, LTR and two New York, Texas Counties Feb 37

A Look at OpenSky and Scanning Counties from Indiana and Virginia Mar 34

Marin County (CA); N. Dakota and Radio Shack Goes Bust (Again) Apr 33

Charlotte County (FL) and Dallas County (IA) May 27

Details on Whistler’s Legacy Scanner Upgrade Offer Jun 36

Washington County, Oregon; Minnesota Refinery Jul 42

Winnebago County (IL), Broward County (FL) Aug 36

Dubuque County (IA) and RACOM Sep 26

Post Falls and Kootenai County, Idaho Oct 33

Scanning Midwest Utilities’ DMR Services Nov 27

Interoperability Update; Orange County, Virginia Dec 27


Federal Wavelengths

A New Year in Federal Monitoring Jan 36

Scanning Los Angeles Feb 41

Scanning Super Bowl 51 Mar 38

Federal Aviation Administration Apr 37

Shifts in Federal Trunked Radio Systems May 31

Federal use of Wireless VoIP Jun 40

Scanning Arizona Jul 46

Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington Aug 41

Portable WHCA Trunked Systems Sep 30

Eclipse, Weather Provide Scanner Action Oct 37

New Kennedy Space Center Trunked System Nov 31

Urban Area Security Initiative Dec 31



Twenty-First Century Military Monitoring—This isn’t Your Daddy’s Milcom Anymore Sep 35

Introduction to Military Monitoring: What Equipment do you need to Monitor HF Milcoms? Oct 42

Who’s Who in the Milcom Radio Spectrum: Monitoring HF OR Frequencies Nov 36

Intro to Military Monitoring: VHF Low Band—the Forgotten Military Band Dec 37


Utility Planet

U. of Twente WebSDR Featured in Popular Video Jan 39

FEMA Planning Exercises with Hams and others for 2017 Feb 47

DVA: Now They’re Talking Mar 42

New Life Evolves on MARS Apr 43

New Insights into North Korean “Numbers” May 35

Historic NSS Call Sign Returns to the Air Jun 44

Let’s Listen to Russia Jul 52

Watching the Eclipse with a Radio Aug 47

Tracking the Buzzer: The World’s Most Popular Radio Station? Sep 39

Summer 2017: Nature Gets the Last Word Oct 46

Rethinking HF Emergency Communications Nov 41

North Korea Resumes HF Numbers Broadcasts Dec 42


VHF and Above Aurora Tracking in Real Time Jan 49

The Find Feb 56

SDRs, Free Books and Ham Radio at West Point Mar 51

New Radios and Antennas for VHF and Above Apr 52

Kenwood’s New TH-D74 May 44

TW Antennas and 6-Meters: Part Two Jun 52

TW Antennas and 6-Meters: Part Three Jul 57

Honey, I Shrunk the Loop! Aug 55

Honey, I Repurposed the Loop! Sep 44

A DIY Hardware Store 2-Meter GOTA/EMCOMM Antenna Oct  51

The Leonids Meteor Shower Nov 46

The Geminids and Ursids Meteor Showers Dec 48


Digitally Speaking

The Advantages of DMR on VHF Jan 45

Looking out over the Horizon Feb 52

Do You Already Own a Digital Repeater? Mar 47

The Ground We Talk On Apr 48

Feeling Like a Kid Again May 40

The DV Landscape in Xenia, Ohio Jun 49

Feels like the First Time Aug 52

System Fusion II Dec 52


Amateur Radio Insights

A Vertical in Winter Jan 53

Big Sammy’s Bulging Caps and the Fickle Flicker of Hope Feb 58

Talk This Way!

Morse Code: The Original Digital Mode is Still Hanging On Apr 54

The Truth about Lightning: Most of us are Unprepared May 45

Six-Meter Success: You Don’t Need Much! Jun 56

‘Brit-Style’ Two-Element Yagis—Tiny Powerhouses from Across the Pond? Jul 61

RG-6: It’s Still a Steel! Aug 59

Are Hams Well-Meaning Scofflaws? Sep 47

The Twists and Turns of Amateur Radio Rotators Oct 56

Antenna Tuner Secrets Nov 51

A Vertical Hospice! Dec 56


Radio 101

FTA Satellite TV Part II: “Hidden Signals on Satellite TV Jan 61

How to Prepare for the FCC’s Repacking of the US TV Bands Feb 63

TSM Reviews: Como Audio Duetto Wi-Fi Radio Mar 59

Baseball on the Radio: 1921 and 2017

Cord-Cutting Update: Options for your FTA Satellite and OTA-TV Systems May 50

Over-the-Top and Cord-Cutting Part 2 Jun 62

String Trimmer Powered Transceiver and other Field Day Oddities Jul 66

Connection Complications: Troubleshooting 101 Aug 63

The Ups and Downs of Antenna Installations Sep 52

Monitoring Emergencies via FTA Satellite Oct 61

Cruising the FM Band with a Little Help from the Web Nov 56

AM Band DXing Circa 1964 and Now Dec 61


Radio Propagation

Solar Cycle 24 Downgraded (Again) Jan 67

Storm-Triggering Holes Feb 67

The Ionosonde Mar 63

An Ice Age and Disappearing Sunspots? Apr 65

Setting it Straight… May 54

Summer Tropospheric Propagation and VHF DX Jun 66

Breakthrough in Solar Science Jul 69

Coronal Mass Ejection Science Aug 66

Historic Event in Cycle 24: the GLE Sep 56

A Last Hoorah? Oct 65

The Sun Blasts a Hole in Earth’s Magnetic Shield Nov 61

Dec 66


The World of Shortwave Listening

SW DX Contest, SWLFest and Global HF Weekend Feb 70

HFCC B16 Coordinating Conference in Miami and Okeechobee Feb 71

Not the Last of Radio Australia Mar 67

Radio Australia: A Possible Return? Apr 70

The Shortwave Scene in the Middle East May 58

Pirate Shortwave Radio Mysteries Jun 69

Radio-Television Hong Kong: 20 Years after the Handover Jul 72

The Use and Abuse of SINPO Aug 70

Shortwave Broadcasters Meet on the West Coast of N. America Sep 60

AM and SW Pirates: Then and Now, Plus: Global HF Pirate Weekend Oct 70

Rick O’Shea: An American DJ in Asia Nov 65

Making Shortwave Audio More Listenable Dec 70


The Shortwave Listener

Radio Australia Leaves Shortwave Jan 78

Interesting Programming via Shortwave and Internet Feb 74

Eclectic Programming is Everywhere! Mar 71

VOA at 75; WBCQ, RRI and RNZI Apr 75

Korea (North and South) on SW; New BBC Programming May 63

Changes in International Shortwave Broadcasting Jun 73

RAE on WRMI and BBC/DW Programs Jul 76

Radio from Four Continents via Shortwave and Internet Aug 74

North vs. South Korea on Shortwave: CFRX, BBC Programming and More! Sep 66

BBC Programming for October and More Oct 75

BBC Broadcasts to North Korea; Reach Beyond Australia and Religion on Shortwave Nov 69

2017 SW Review and New Programming Dec 76


Maritime Monitoring

The Old and the New Jan 81

A System for a System Apr 78

Great Lakes: High Water, High Traffic Jul 79

Nothing Remains the Same Except Change! Oct 77


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Back to Basics Feb 77

1420 MHz Band Interference May 66

New Callisto Devices Aug 77

Solar Eclipse VLF Effects Nov 72


Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio Satellite Gatherings Plus: AMSAT Update Mar 74

Portable Amateur Radio Satellite Antennas in Action Jun 76

Spotlight on Chinese Amateur Radio Satellites Sep 69

A Wealth of New Amateur Radio Satellites Dec 79


The Longwave Zone

More LW Information Sources and Readers’ LW Logs Jan 84

630-Meter Action and Readers’ Reports Feb 80

The Longwave-Aviation Legacy Mar 78

Turning the Tables: Reverse Beacon Network Apr 82

Introducing a New Band: 630 Meters! May 69

Next Up: 2200-Meters Jun 79

Portable Picker-Upper Jul 83

630-Meter Band Plan Takes Shape Aug 80

Gear up for a new Season Sep 73

Get it in the Log! Oct 81

220m/630m: Are You Registered Yet? Nov 75

Primetime Arrives! Dec 83


Adventures in Radio Restoration

Hallicrafters S-38B: the UL-Approved Basket Case Jan 88

Raymond Loewy meets Rube Goldberg: the Hallicrafters SR-75 Feb 83

A 1940 Bakelite Radio: Zenith 6D510W Mar 82

Philco 46-350: The “Tambour Door” Portable Apr 86

Philco 48-360: Last of the “Woody” Portables May 73

Restoring a Heathkit DX-60 Transmitter Jun 82

Heathkit HR-10B Receiver Jul 86

Heathkit HG-10B VFO Aug 83

The “Moving Coil” Radio: National NC-100 (RCK Version) Sep 76

Re-converting a Radio for the Summer of ’42 (Motorola 50P for Pontiac) Oct 85

Putting the Spark back into a Sparks-Withington (Sparton 141X) Nov 78

What’s an “Acoustic Labyrinth?’ The Stromberg-Carlson 240M Dec 86


Antenna Connections

Sunspots Maybe, Part 2: Hey Dan, What About Stealth? Jan 93

Antenna 101: A Timely Review of What We’ve Learned Feb 90

Transitions: Getting from A to B (or 50 to X) Mar 87

HF: Antenna “Comfort Zone” Apr 91

Balanced Feedline: Ace in the Hole May 77

Closer to Daylight: Antennas at VHF and UHF Jun 87

Antenna Polarization: Which Way is Up? Jul 90

Stealth: A Philosophy and a Methodology Aug 87

Antenna 101: A Nuts and Bolts Review Sep 83

Getting High: Antenna Effects and Oddities at UHF and Up Oct 91

Transformations: Getting from X to 50 Nov 83

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