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Air Monitoring

2016 TSM Air Show Special Mar 10

Flying with Fat Albert and Sean D. Tucker Mar 16

How to Track Military and Civilian Aircraft on your Home Computer Mar 20

Beginner’s Guide to Monitoring Aviation Mar 27

2016 TSM Air Show Guide Mar 30


Amateur Radio

Let Portable Antennas give you a Noise-Free Vacation Apr 9

What you know before investing in an Antenna Apr 14

Piggy-Bank Ham Radio Part 1 Apr 25

Piggy-Bank Ham Radio Part 2 May 15

Becoming Radio Active when the Rubber Hits the Road May 22


Equipment Reviews

AOR DV-1 Wideband Receiver Jan 14

Wi-Fi Radio Primer Part 1 Apr 20

Wi-Fi Radio Primer Part 2: Review of the Stand-Alone Wi-Fi Radio May 10

Comet CA-500 MKII Antenna Analyzer and a Pair of Cans for your Radio Pleasure May 26

Finally, a Mobile Shortwave Radio that Works (BST-1) Jun 9

Wi-Fi Radio Primer Part 3: Two Wi-Fi Radios Jun 17

Icom IC-7300 Button and Knob SDR Transceiver Jun 32

Yaesu FTM-3200DR Digital/Analog 2-meter Transceiver Jul 14

LD-5 HF Ham Radio QRP Transceiver Aug 8

Elad FDM-Duo: A QRP SDR Transceiver with or without PC Sep 10

Icom IC-R6 Sport 16 All-Band Handheld Receiver Sep 14

Sangean HD-18 AM/FM/HD-Radio Tabletop Set Aug 25

LnR’s New LD-11: A Very Red, QRP, All-mode, All-Ban d Transceiver Oct 10

Electraft KX2 QRP Transceiver Nov 7

Small HF Antennas for Portable and Restricted Space Use Nov 13


OTA-AM/FM/TV and FTA Satellite-TV

ATSC Off-Air Local TV: The Programming Jan 28

ATSC Off-Air Local TV: Doing it Right Feb 28

Multiple FTA Satellite Reception Techniques Revisited Apr 29

Saving AM Broadcasting in North America May 18

Your TV System is Changing—Again! Jun 27

FTA Satellite Update Mid-Year 2016 Jul 30


General Interest Radio

Building Solar-Powered Amateur Radio Beacons for 630 and 10-Meters Jan 10

Monitoring Joint Warrior 15/2 and Russian Air and Sea Activity Feb 18

RTL-SDR Dongle: Your Eye to the Wireless World Feb 23

Monitoring Russian HF Military Networks Jun 13

Your New CB “Good Buddy,” the SDR Dongle Jun 30

How to Become an EMI Detective Jul 19

The Tester Basics: Understanding and Restoring Emission Testers Jul 23

China Radio International: Evolution of a Shortwave Radio Station Aug 16

CB Radio and More: Two-Way Radio No-License Alternatives Aug 20

The Hacking of FLTSATCOM 8 Sep 18

GMRS: The “Other” Citizen’s Band – Part 1 Sep 31

Monitoring Russia’s Northern Fleet Oct 21

The “Other” Citizen’s Band—Part 2; Putting a GMRS Repeater on the Air Oct 26

Radio Power Supplies: a Primer for Hams and SWLs Nov 17

The Kit’s Meow: Shopping for DIY Radio Project Nov 20

MURS: Dots, Data, and More Nov 26

Vacation Scanning on the Rails Aug 12

The Slow Creep of Scanner Encryption Oct 15


Vintage Radio

Retro Radio: Finding, Storing and Savoring Vintage Amateur Radio Gear Jan 18

Solid-State Gems: Discovering Vintage Transistor Radio Feb 9

Touring the WJZ Transmitter Site in Bound Brook, NJ—1925 Jul 9

A Classic Dozen: When it comes to Vintage Ham Gear, What’s in a (Great) Name? Aug 25

The Hams Behind the Fender Guitar Legend Oct 30

The Coast Guard Cutter Courier: A Cold War-era “Battleship without Guns” Dec 9

Experiences of a (Relatively) Young Ham with Vintage Radios Dec 14

Beware the Mods: Drake 2NT Transmitter Dec 18

Shortwave Listening with the “Old-Timers” Dec 19

A Salute to the Esteemed Regenerative Receiver Dec 23



Scanning America

Pensacola’s APCO P-25 Phase II and Whistler’s New Scanner Jan 32

Fulton County, Georgia, and Riverside, California Feb 37

Michigan’s Interoperability System; Rebanding Progress Mar 37

Growing Acceptance of TETRA Apr 33

Calvert, St. Mary’s (MD) and Lewis (NY) Counties May 30

New Scanner News; Ocean City, Maryland Jun 35

APCO P-25 Explained; Scanning Creek County OK Jul 35

Madison County (MO), Fire Service and Amtrak Aug 32

Enabling Interoperability; Erie (PA) and Denton (TX) Counties Sep 38

Scanning Howard County, Indiana, and Monitoring Airborne TETRA Oct 34

Public Utilities as “Critical Infrastructure” Nov 30

History of Scanning Dec 27


Federal Wavelengths

DMR, APCO-25, MotoTRBO, and the IRS Jan 36

The Challenges of Federal Monitoring Feb 41

Federal Monitoring at Super Bowl 50 Mar 41

The 2016 Political Season Apr 37

Summer Vacation Scanning May 34

More Summer Vacation Scanning Jun 39

DMR Scanning is Finally Here! Jul 39

When Federal Agencies aren’t Federal Aug 36

Political Conventions Wrap-up Sep 33

Scanning Smaller Federal Agencies Oct 39

TSA Radio Updates and More Small Federal Agencies Nov 35

Holiday Radio Logs Dec 32


Utility Planet

Mexican Military Returns to HF ALE Jan 41

New Life for Operation SECURE? Feb 45

ALE: The Mode that Linked the World Mar 45

Uncovering U-2s on HF Apr 37

HF in Death Valley May 39

Spring 2016 “Numbers” Update Jun 44

HF Fax: Radio with Pictures Jul 44

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough Tune in the Radio Aug 41

Identifying US Military on ALE Sep 38

US DGPS: Bad News and Good News Oct 45

KPH Returns to Point Reyes Nov 40

Russia to Activate Artic OTH Radar in 2017 Dec 38


Digital HF: Intercept and Analyze

The US Navy HF Broadcast System Revisited Jan 45

The Russian Navy T600 “Bee” Modem Feb 48

Is an Egyptian HF Diplomatic Network Overhaul Underway? Mar 48

US ALE Smorgasbord Apr 45

International ALE Networks May 42

Reader’s Questions and an update on US SHARES NCS PacTOR Network Jun 47

Update on NATO STANAG4285 2400 baud HF Modem Jul 48

Army MARS and TSA PacTOR Network Changes Aug 44

African Peacekeeping and Police Networks Sep 41

Getting Started with Digital GPS Decoding Oct 48

An HF “Beep, Beep, Beep,” Chirping Signal Mystery Nov 43

What Digital HF Signals can you hear and Decode Today? Dec 41


Digitally Speaking

Digital Voice on the HF Bands Jan 49

Avoiding Mixed-Mode Mix-ups Feb 53

What else can you do with it? Mar 53

Digital Destinations Apr 50

New DV Gear from the LMR World May 47

Beer-Budget Digital Repeater Project Jun 52

Digital Dayton Jul 54

Evangelists and Cheerleaders Aug 49

Controlling Influences Sep 48

Still in the Box? Put it on the Air! Oct 53

DMR Update Nov 48

Holiday Wish List Dec 45


VHF and Above

Sporadic-E Propagation Jan 22

Aurora Propagation Feb 32

The History of the VUCC Award Mar 56

The Meteor Shower Nobody Saw—Revisited—Again Apr 54

Summits on the Air May 50

June; The Month of VHF and Above Contesting Jun 56

ARRL June VHF Contest Jul 58

Juggling VHF/UHF Contests and DIY Antenna for 6-Meters Aug 53

SOTA Loop Repurposed Through Innovation Sep 51

Earth-Moon-Earth Communications Oct 57

The Baofeng BF-F8HP and the BTECH UV-SX3 Handhelds and 220 MHz Nov 52

ARISS: A Brief Flyover and My Experiences with ARISS QSOs Dec 48


Amateur Radio Insights

DVB Dongles: Beef up your $20 SDR Jan 53

Forgotten Antenna Fundamentals and other Curious Tidbits Part 2 Feb 57

Forgotten Antenna Fundamentals and other Curious Tidbits Part 3 Mar 62

Home-Brewing and Kit Building Isn’t What It Used To Be—But It’s Almost What it Will Be! Apr 62

Forgotten Antenna Fundamentals and other Curious Tidbits Part 4 May 53

Tales of Junk Boxes and Counterfeit Parts Jun 61

Old Trees, Old Towers, and Living to a Ripe Old Age Jul 62

Let’s Talk Aug 58

The “Deserted Island” HF Antenna Sep 55

Radio Fun with an Uncooperative Ionosphere Oct 62

Forget the Holiday—it’s Contest Time! Nov 55

The Hows and Whys of DIY Open-Wire Feed Line Dec 53


Radio 101

WorldSpace, WRN, WXFAX and More Jan 58

The Case for Satellite Radio Feb 61

The Goodwill Radio Connection Mar 69

Last of the Stand-alone DRM Portable Radio? Apr 67

Channel Mater’s FlatWave TV Antenna; Help for 3M’s WorkTunes Radio May 58

FM Mayhem Part 1: Stalking the FM Band in a Time of Excessive Translators and Boosters Jun 65

FM Mayhem Part 2: A Little Help from a 16-element Quad-Stacked Array Jul 66

Radio and TV via FTA Satellite on Intelsat 21 Aug 62

Solar Cycle 25 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Maunder Minimum Set 61

Obsessing about Awards and School Club Roundup Oct 65

What’s New in CB and FRS/GMRS Nov 59

Getting Started with Free-to-Air Satellite TV Dec 58


Radio Propagation

Catching Those Winter Medium Wave DX Signals Jan 62

The Ionosonde Feb 65

The Somersaulting Sun Mar 72

Season of Lights (Aurora) Apr 72

Propagation and Field Day 2016 Jun 69

The Solar Wind Jul 72

Did He Really Do It? Aug 66

Space Weather: Interfering with the Global Positioning System Oct 70

Space Weather: Cycle 24 is Dying Nov 63

Plasma Bullets 63


The World of Shortwave Listening

A South Pacific Radio Odyssey Jan 66

HF Pirates Roam 41 and 90-meter Bands Feb 69

Radio Netherlands: Archiving Shortwave Radio History Mar 76

Clandestine Stations Alive and Well! Apr 76

Spanning Two Continents and the Mediterranean: Turkey and Cyprus on Shortwave May 61

NYC FM Pirates; Atlantis on MW and FM Pirates in China Jun 73

Inside the Voice of Korea Jul 76

Something Old, Something New: Kenwood R-5000 and Tecsun PL-680 Receivers

NASB Brings Shortwave Broadcasters and Listeners Together Sep 65

Halloween Shortwave Pirates and Global Pirate Weekend Oct 74

Trends in Shortwave Radio Nov 66

On the Road with a Tecsun PL-680 Dec 68


The Shortwave Listener

RNZI, BBC, RFI, WHRI, and VOA Jan 71

RCI’s Broadcast Legacy and You Too can be a Shortwave Radio Broadcaster! Feb 72

DJs, The Bard, and “My Favorite Country” Mar 80

The Queen’s Birthday, KBC Cutback and VOA Tibet Apr 81

“Isle of Music,” BBC, RHC and More May 66

New SW Programs and Korea: North vs. South Jun 77

Greek, Country, Gospel Music and More Jul 80

Top Shortwave Programs and a Tiny Change in Time Aug 75

Radio Ukraine, RFI and Radio Syria Sep 69

Listening to Shortwave and Internet Radio Oct 78

EU SW Stations and Election Night Listening Nov 70

Christmas Around the World on Shortwave Dec 75


Maritime Monitoring

CMB: Continuous Marine Broadcasts Jan 74

Radio Action on the Great Lakes Returns Apr 84

Change is Inevitable Jul 83

Stormy WX and an end to some DGPS Oct 81


Amateur Radio Astronomy

WWVB and other Fun Stuff Feb 75

Revisiting Radio Jove with a Low Cost Computer May 69

Using FITS Viewers with Radio Astronomy Images Aug 78

FITS Again Nov 73


Amateur Radio Satellites

AMSATs Then and Now Mar 83

Yet More AMSAT History

Summer: Satellite Antenna Experimenting Time Sep 72

Amateur Radio Satellite Operating Protocols Dec 78


The Longwave Zone

SDR: I’M A Believer! Jan 77

Up and Running with SDR! Feb 80

New, Mail and Updates Mar 88

Spring Remedies Apr 87

Longwave Beacons: the ideal DX Target May 72

Summer Strategies for LW DX Jun 86

472-479 kHz (& Vicinity) Update Jul 86

Contributor’s Guide to TLZ Aug 82

Improve Your LW Antenna; a Visit from KR6ISS; SAQ on the Air; Reader’s Logs Sep 76

WSPRs on the Band Oct 85

Information, Please… Nov 77

Resources: What’s on your Bookshelf? Dec 82


Adventures in Radio Restoration

In Command Again Part 2: Experiments in Powering the Command Transmitters Jan 80

The Saga of the Philips BX490A: Beauty and the Geek Feb 84

Another Lafayette Radio: New Life for an HA-230 Mar 92

Sound and Light: The Mitchell Lumitone 1260 Apr 91

Not Another Heavy Hammarlund HQ-129X!? May 75

Another Heavy Hammarlund HQ-129X Part 2: Voltage and Alignment Jun 89

Finishing the Hammarlund HQ-129X Part 3: Those Modifications Jul 89

Wakening the Knight: Allied Radio’s TR-106 6-Meter AM Transceiver Au 85

Restoring a Classic: The Philco 60B “Baby Grand” Cathedral Sep 80

The Triple-Conversion Puzzle: Hammarlund HQ-180A Oct 88

The Freshman Masterpiece: a 1920s TRF Experience Nov 81

The Heathkit Laboratory-type Signal Generators: LG-1 and IG-42 Dec 85


Antenna Connections

Stealthy Green Jolly Loop Revisited: On the Low Down Jan 86

Single File, Please: Understanding SWR Feb 89

Antenna Stealth: A Working Philosophy Mar 96

Multi-banding a Single Antenna: Several Routes Beckon Apr 95

Antenna Height above Ground May 81

Antenna Improv: Portable and Temporary Antennas Jun 94

Antenna 101: Let’s Review the Basics Jul 93

Antenna 101: Review of the Basics Part 2 Aug 89

Dishing it out and taking it: The Parabolic Reflector Antenna Sep 86

Tools of the Trade: Antenna Work Essentials Oct 93

And the Twain Shall Meet: Let’s Build a Dipole Nov 88

Sunspot Maybe: Surviving without Upper HF Dec 91

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