April 2016

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Let Portable Antennas give you a Noise-Free Vacation

By Keith Baker KB1SF/VA3KSF

An increasing cacophony of mostly man-made RF noise on our HF bands makes it ever more difficult to hear particularly weak incoming stations, sometimes to the point of making reception of favorite shortwave or ham DX stations all but impossible at home. Keith shows us how you can take a break from noise using portable antennas that really work.


What You Should Know before Investing in an Antenna

By Richard Fisher KI6SN

Whether you are a relative newcomer to amateur radio, SWLing, TV DXing or VHF-UHF scanning, or are a seasoned card-carrying veteran, only you will know the antenna parameters best suited for your amateur station or listening post. Your own passions, needs, capabilities, real estate, budget and a jillion other factors inform your antenna choices. Richard helps sort out the options and explains how to get the most S-units per dollar spent in pursuit of DX.


Wi-Fi Radio Primer Part 1

By Thomas Witherspoon K4SWL

Always a hard-core shortwave radio listener, Thomas likes the tactile experience of turning the knobs of the shortwave, tuning in stations across the globe. So, when online listening became popular, it never occurred to him to give it a try. Then, at the 2012 Winter SWL Fest, an excellent presentation on the merits and technologies behind Wi-Fi radio intrigued him. After downloading and installing the Pro version of the TuneIn radio app, he had to admit, it was a pretty powerful listening he could easily get used to.


Piggy-Bank Ham Radio Part 1

By Cory GB Sickles WA3UVV

After hearing someone bemoan the “high cost” of amateur radio and how such a “prohibitive expense” was preventing many from becoming hams, his knee jerk reaction was, “Really?” Sure, if you’re referring to a super-mega-über contest station, then he might agree, but just to get started, you don’t need deep pockets—just some preparation and some well-placed effort. Cory outlines a “cheap and dirty” way to start enjoying HF—with the basic Technician class license. Just as ham radio itself has no barriers as to age, the ideas he shares can work for anyone, whether you’re a student, retiree or somewhere in between.


Multiple FTA Satellite Reception Techniques Revisited

By Mike Kohl

The most cost effective way to get into Free-to-Air satellite reception is with 75 to 90-cm antennas for most Ku-band reception because they’re cheaper and shipping costs are less. But needing to monitor multiple FTA satellites forces a decision about whether to use multiple Ku-band antennas linked together with a DiSEqC switch, or to motorize one or more antennas. Which Ku-band satellites do we actually watch on a regular basis? After the busy Galaxy 19 satellite at 97 degrees West, what satellites do we need continuous access from on a 24 hour basis? Mike shows us how to properly set up a motorized Ku-band dish or use a DiSEqC switch.


Scanning America

By Dan Veenaman

Growing Acceptance of TETRA


Federal Wavelengths

By Chris Parris

The 2016 Political Season


Utility Planet

By Hugh Stegman NV6H

Uncovering U-2s on HF


Digital HF: Intercept and Analyze

By Mike Chace-Ortiz AB1TZ/G6DHU

US ALE Smorgasbord


HF Utility Logs

By Mike Chace-Ortiz and Hugh Stegman


Digitally Speaking

By Cory Sickles WA3UVV

Digital Destinations


VHF and Above

By Joe Lynch N6CL

The Meteor Shower Nobody Saw—Revisited—Again


Amateur Radio Insights

By Kirk Kleinschmidt NT0Z

Home-Brewing and Kit Building Isn’t What It Used To Be—But It’s Almost What It Will Be!


Radio 101

By Ken Reitz KS4ZR

Last of the Standalone DRM Portable Radios?


Radio Propagation

By Tomas Hood NW7US

Season of Lights (Aurora)


The World of Shortwave Listening

By Rob Wagner VK3BVW

Clandestine Stations Alive and Well


The Shortwave Listener

By Fred Waterer

The Queen’s Birthday, KBC Cutback and VOA Tibet


Maritime Monitoring

By Ron Walsh VE3GO

Radio Action on the Great Lakes Returns


The Longwave Zone

By Kevin O’Hern Carey WB2QMY

Spring Remedies


Adventures in Radio Restoration

By Rich Post KB8TAD

Sound and Light: The Mitchell Lumitone 1260


Antenna Connections

By Dan Farber AC0LW

Mulit-banding a Single Antenna: Several Routes Beckon

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