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2021 TSM Index to Articles and Features


Feature Articles


General Interest Radio

Monitoring the Chinese Manned Space Program Jan 7

VoA: The Voice for Democracy Jan 13

Take Five (MHz): The Allure of 60 Meters Jan 13

Are You Ready for a Power Outage? Feb 18

Solar Power for Electronics Feb 24

DIY Battery Backup Power System Feb 26

The World of Amateur Radio Astronomy Apr 18

Shipborne Communications from Spark Gap to Satellite Apr 22

FRS and GMRS: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Apr 27

KiwiSDR Shortwave Listening Network Apr 31

A Cold War Demon Has Returned May 7

Hydronic Communications May 17

Anatomy of a Field Radio Kit: Part 1 Jun 7

Anatomy of a Field Radio Kit: Part 2 Jul 30

AFMARS Today Jun 13

SDR vs. Analog: Which is Better? Jun 21

Microwaves: An Introduction to Amateur Radio’s Open Frontier Jun 26

Solar Cycle 25 and 2021 Field Day Propagation Forecast Jun 30

Talking to The World via Amateur Radio Digital Voice Aug 12

Choosing an Electronic Logging Program Aug 19

How Low Can You Go? Sep 13

Electronic Logging Part 2: Online backup and so much more! Sep 18

Batteries for Amateur Radio Portable and Emergency Power Sep 23



Air Show in the Time of COVID-19 Mar 6

2020 Boston Fly-by and the New York Airshow Mar 13

Annual Guide to Monitoring Air Shows Mar 16

Scaled-Down Aviation Action on 2.4 GHz Mar 25

Inside the Civil Air Patrol Mar 28


Radio History

Axis Radio Propaganda During WWII Part 1: Lord Haw-Haw Feb 28

Axis Radio Propaganda Part 2: Who was ‘Tokyo Rose’? Mar 32

Axis Radio Propaganda Part 3: The Voices Behind ‘Axis Sally’

Vatican Radio: 90 Years on Shortwave May 13

WLW: Zero to 500,000 Watts May 19

Cold War Communications and the Hunt for K-129 May 24

A Foot in Both Worlds: Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge Jun 17]

Shortwave Station W6XBE/KGEI at the 1939 Golden Gate Expo Jul 8

Colonial Radio and its Last Tombstone Jul 13

Radio Coverage of a Tragic Day that Changed History Jul 20

The Falklands War: Radio Broadcasting from the End of the Earth Aug 25

Legacy of HCJB After 90 Years Sep 8

Australian Trailblazer: Ruby Payne-Scott Sep 28

Amateur Radio’s Lost Tribe: The ‘Blue-Collar Scholars’ Who Started it All Oct 7

AM Band DXing Today Oct 13

Ultralight MW DXing with Ferrite Sleeve Loop Antennas Oct 17

Feeling the Geomagnetic Pulse: Antennas for the ELF and VLF Bands Oct 21

CB Radio: Six Decades of Utility and Fun Oct 27

WGEO and WGEA: General Electric’s Twin Pioneer Shortwave Stations Dec 7

Restoring 3-Way Portable Tube Radios: Two Motorolas an Automatic and RCA Dec 13

Great Novice Rigs Remembered Dec 21

The Role of Submarines in Breaking the ‘Electronic Iron Curtain’ Dec 25



TinySA Spectrum Monitor Jan 22

Icom-705 Feb 7

RF-Kit RF2K-S Linear Amplifier Feb 13

Portable Power for Your Radios Apr 7

Blue Tail P25RX SDR Receiver Apr 13

AOR AR-DV10 Hand-Held Digital Receiver Jul 28

Field Testing the XIEGU X5105 Aug 6

Baofeng UV5R Handheld VHF/UHF Transceiver Aug 30

Yaesu FTDX10 Nov 7

Tecsun H-501x Nov 11

DMX-40 Morse Code QRP Transceiver Oct 16

2021 SDR Radio Buyer’s Guide Oct 19

2021 Annual Scanner Buyer’s Guide Oct 28


Monthly Columns


Scanning America

Sumter County (FL), Wallowa County (OR) Jan 24

The Trouble with T-Band Feb 32

Asking the FCC for 800 or 700 MHz Waivers Mar 38

800 MHz Rebanding Apr 36

Marin County, California May 29

Monitoring NXDN in New Mexico; Florida SLERS Update Jun 34

Scanning the Twin Counties in Virginia Jul 35

Richmond County (GA), Douglas County (NV) Aug 33

Santa Barbara County, California Sep 31

A Tale of Two Counties: Branch and Hillsdale (MI) Oct 32

Foresthill, California Nov 36

Michigan Public Safety Communications System Dec 30 


Federal Wavelengths

Federal Monitoring 2021 Jan 28

TSA on UHF for 2021 Feb 36

Super Bowl 55 Mar 38

Finding Federal Frequencies Apr 40

IWN Updates Continued May 34

Federal Frequencies in Use Jun 38

More Federal Frequency Mysteries Jul 40

Mt. Weather and other Mysteries Aug 37

The Government Master File Revealed Sep 34

TSA UHF Update Oct 37

US Park Police Nov 40

San Diego, St. Louis, and TSA Updates! Dec 34



The World of Strange Military Stations Jan 33

The World of Military Call Signs Feb 42

Monitoring the Coast Guard’s 911 Network Mar 49

Monitoring UHF Military Satellites Apr 44

The US Department of Defense Satellite Networks May 39

A Military Land Mobile Radio Systems Primer Jun 42

Monitoring Cutters of the Coast Guard Jul 45

Monitoring MARS Aug 41

The NTIA GMF is Public Again (Sort of)! Sep 39

More Government Master File Diving Oct 41

Prowling the DoD VHF Hi-Band Frequencies Nov 46

Little Rock Air Force Base Dec 39


Utility Planet

The Strangest Fake ‘Numbers’ Station Ever Jan 38

Norwegian Coastal Radio Feb 47

In Search of KPH Mar 53

Cuban ‘Numbers’ Revival Continues Apr 48

The 2021 ‘Numbers’ Survey May 45

Yet More on ‘Numbers’ Stations Jun 46

STANAG 4285: How NATO Rules HF Jul 48

A Quick Look at Russian HF Aug 47

US Government Releases Frequency File Sep 44

KiwiSDR ALE Scanner Goes Live Online Oct 45

New Russian ‘Numbers’ Broadcast Mystery Nov 51

NATO on HF: Tracking the NSS Mystery Dec 44


VHF and Above

Arecibo Radio Telescope: Lost to the World—Update Jan 44

Re-Branding this Column Feb 52

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2021 and HamSCI Workshop Mar 58

Amateur Radio Gets a Partial Reprieve on 3.5 GHz Apr 53

FCC, ARIS, Contests and More May 50

Extraordinary VHF Openings in June Jul 53

Conferences, Achievements and Meteor Showers Aug 52

Major EME DXpeditions coming this Fall Sep 49

ARISS Space Station Contact Opportunity Oct 50

The Growing Popularity of LOTA, POTA and SOTA Nov 56

Amateur Radio Digital Communications Grants Dec 49


Digitally Speaking

Original Digital Jan 48

D-STAR Becomes more Inclusive Feb 54

Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is? Mar 62

Spring into Action? Apr 56

HF Digital Voice May 52

DMR VAR Jul 55

Zen and the Previously Owned—Part 1 Aug 56

New Radios, Old Friends Sep 53

VHF AM: The Rediscovered Country Oct 53

What’s the Big Deal about Digital? Nov 58

Rear View Review: IC-7100 Dec 51


Amateur Radio Insights

Does Your Antenna Need a Feed Line Choke? Almost Certainly. Maybe Two! Jan 52

Coax and Connector—Hacks and Recommendations Feb 58

Is 60 Meters the New Freeband Mar 67

Whither QSLing? Apr 61

We Must Call CQ! May 57

Dead Bands Tell Anomalous Tales Jul 59

Portable Power Generators—the Basics Aug 60

Don’t Let Power Outages ‘Interrupt’ Your Operating Sep 57

Shack Screens: BIG is Beautiful! Oct 57

Junk Boxes, Antiques and Parts—Fine and Fraudulent Dec 54


Radio 101

American High School Radio 2021 Jan 59

Ku-Band Free-to-Air Satellite 2021 Report Feb 65

Digital Radio Mondiale 2021 Update Mar 71

Listening to Baseball on the Radio 2021 Arp 66

Who’s Number 2 in US Broadcast Radio Licenses? May 61

An Inexpensive Field Day Antenna for All Seasons Jun 52

The Upgrading Amateur Today Jul 65

Maunder, Schmaunder and Who Needs FT8 Anyway? Aug 65

Amiko Mini-4K UHD FTA Satellite Receiver Sep 63

OTA-TV and FTA-TV Update Oct 63

Chasing HF DX Today Nov 62

Doing More with Less: Put out a Big Signal with Just 100 Watts Dec 59

The World of Shortwave Listening 

AWR Wavescan: A Collaborative Effort among Shortwave Listeners and Broadcasters Jan 67

Shortwave Pirates for Turbulent Times Feb 69

Radio Veceremos; Pandemic Radio Educación in Latin America and Vladimir Herzog on the BBC Mar 75

Antennas…BIG Antennas! Apr 70

Shortwave’s Place in International Broadcasting May 65

George Zeller Tribute and Latest EU-US Pirate Loggings Jun 56

AM-FM Migration in Brazil and other News from South America Jul 69

Collecting and Honoring Old Technology Aug 70

More Virtual Shortwave Meetings and other Odds and Ends Sep 68

HF Pirates Sail on the Shortwaves Oct 67

From Mexico to Argentina via Cuba: The latest developments in Latin American Radio Nov 67

New Radios, New Stations, New Solar Cycle Dec 63 


The Shortwave Listener

New Year’s Shortwave Lineup Jan 73

Radio Prague, Radio Slovenia, Texas Shortwave Radio and BBC Fare for February Feb 72

Radio Japan; Blue Radio International, CFRB, WRMI and BBC World Service Mar 80

WWCR, WRMI and BBC Fare for April Apr 74

WRNO, WTWW, WRMI May Programs May 69

RSI, TSWR, OTR and Canada D’eh! Jun 61

Pop Shop, Canada D’eh1 and More! Jul 74

Radio Tirana’s Surprising Longevity; Radio Exterior de España; BBC Fare Aug 75

Canadian Elections; Texas Shortwave; BBC Fare for September Sep 72

Fall Shortwave Programming Oct 71

60s Music, Vintage Recordings and More! Nov 72

The Festive Season on Shortwave Dec 68


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Resurrecting SETI@Home Feb 75

Interferometer Radio Astronomy Telescopes May 72

GnuRadio and Monitoring the Galactic Hydrogen Band—Part 1 Aug78

Monitoring 1420 MHz H1: Part 2 Nov 78


Amateur Radio Satellites

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer IX: More Analog (and Linear) Satellite Operating Mar 83

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer X: A ‘Really Cheap’ Portable Satellite Antenna Mount Jun 64

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer XI: (or: The ‘Gizmo’ Revisited) Sep 75

Amateur Radio Satellites: Optimizing Your Portable Satellite Station Dec 71


The Longwave Zone

Back-to-Basics (B2B) Monitoring Mar 87

Summertime Strategy June 67

Swan Song for NDBs? Sep 78

Holiday DXing Pursuits Dec 74


Adventures in Radio Restoration

The Command Receiver: Reviving an ARC-5 and a Navy ARA Jan 76

Command Receivers Part 2: Powering the Set Feb 78

Rediscovering George Grammer’s Simple Receiver: 1930s Homebrew Regeneratives Mar 90

The Universal Modulator: WRL Globe UM-1 Apr 77

The Swap Fix: A Tale of Two National NC-109 Receivers May 75

A Correspondence School Kit: A National Technical Schools KL-9 Jun 70

RCA’s Personal Jukebox: The 45-RPM Player Jul 77

The Montgomery-Ward Catalog Set; Airline Model 62-256 Aug 81

Novelty Radios: Master’s Art RT-200 and Guild 484 Sep 81

That Jukebox Sound: Wurlitzer 530 Audio Amp Oct 74

The Metal Tube Mistake: Philco 38-7 Nov 78

The Simpson Sears ‘Superpower’ Set: Silvertone Model 4165 Dec 77


Antenna Connections

A Look into Antenna Traps Jan 82

Emergency Preparedness Feb 83

Surfing Big Waves with Small Antennas! Mar 96

Harmonic Antennas Apr 82

Antennas off the Beaten Path May 80

Examining Load and Source Jun 76

Antenna Connections: Finding the Right Match Jul 83

Antennas: Breaking Bad Aug 87

Some Antenna Lessons Learned the Hard Way Sep 86

An Ounce of Prevention Oct 79

DIY Wire Antennas Nov 83

Ferrite Bars, Loop, and Magnetic Loop Antennas Dec 81

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