June 2020

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Weather Satellite Image Reception: Part 2

By Cory GB Sickles WA3UVV

Among many radio enthusiasts, there is a certain fascination with being able to directly receive images from space—whether from polar orbiters in low earth orbit or geostationary satellites thousands of miles overhead. Years ago, a working weather satellite image downlink station required hard to find dedicated hardware that represented a serious investment. Today, such costs have dropped significantly and most of the items used can be easily purchased. Cory gives us a glimpse of this fascinating aspect of satellite monitoring.


Weather Watching and Radio: A Natural Fit

By Georg Wiessala

I think it is probably fair to say that most amateur radio operators and radio enthusiasts also have a healthy interest in the changing weather. Next to radios and accessories, weather stations are among the most popular radio shack accessories. In his own shack, Georg has long been the owner of the Davis Vantage Vue model, which sits on the roof and transmits to an indoor console. And, with his scanner, for local weather data and information; shortwave radio for weather facsimile and NAVTEX broadcasts and a receiver tuned to coded weather information on long wave, he has access to a wealth of valuable current weather data.


100 Years of Radio Series: Celebrating the Young Heroes of Early Wireless, and Beyond

By Richard Fisher KI6SN

You can always tell when a technology becomes a cultural phenomenon; it’s where all the young people want to be. There was no more interesting topic or career opportunity than radio in 1920. Richard takes a look at the popular literature of the time in books and magazines that feature “boy heroes” (and a few girl heroes, too) whose understanding of wireless technology saves the day. 


Ham Radio on a Budget—Get great gear for less than you might expect!

By Robert Gulley K4PKM

Anyone who has priced the latest 160 through 6-meter HF rig might be put off by the “kilo-buck plus” price tag, especially if you are a licensee who has recently upgraded to General Class. Robert has good news for you—there are a great many such rigs on the used market that are excellent performers with modern features often at less than half the price of a brand-new model. He shows you which models to look for and why as well as what to look for in a reseller. This is also good news for shortwave listeners who want superior reception performance not found in portables.


TSM Reviews: Geochron Clock and Inrad W1 Amateur Radio Headphone/Mic

By Mark Haverstock K8MSH

Two great accessories for your shack that will add some joy and operating pleasure are under review this month: The Geochron Clock and Inrad W1 amateur radio headphone/boom mic. The Geochron Clock/World Map was once a high-ticket mechanical contraption, but today’s version is basically a small computer that displays a world map with call sign prefixes, greyline indicator and much more. Mark also tests the INRAD W1 amateur radio headphone/boom mic that features over-the-ear cushions and a long mic cord. 


Scanning America

By Dan Veeneman

Changes are Coming to the 900 MHz Band


Federal Wavelengths

By Chris Parris

More Stay at Home Projects



By Larry Van Horn N5FPW

Monitoring the Navy P-8A Maritime Surveillance Aircraft


Utility Planet

By Hugh Stegman

German Weather RTTY: A Blast from the Past


Shortwave Utility Logs

Compiled by Hugh Stegman Mike Chace-Ortiz


VHF and Above

By Joe Lynch N6CL

VHF and Above Contest Season Starts


Digitally Speaking

By Cory GB Sickles WA3UVV

Xenia Stayvention 2020


Amateur Radio Insights

By Kirk Kleinschmidt NT0Z

Six-Meter Minimalism


Radio 101

By Ken Reitz KS4ZR

Whatever Happened to 10 Meters; WorkTunes Revisited


The World of Shortwave Listening

By Andrew Yoder

Pirate Shortwave Broadcast During the Covid Pandemic


The Shortwave Listener

By Fred Waterer

WBCQ’s Big Broadcast of 2020; RNZI, RRI and BBC Programming Notes


Amateur Radio Satellites

By Keith Baker KB1SF/VA3KSF

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Part VI)


The Longwave Zone

By Kevin O’Hern Carey N2AFX

What’s your Longwave “Thing”?


Adventures in Radio Restoration

By Rich Post KB8TAD

A Tubeless Bargain: Hallicrafters S-40

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