November 2015

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TSM Reviews:

Electraft K3s—Another Step Forward

By Mark Haverstock K8MSH

If you already have a K3, you know you have one of the best, full-featured rigs around. It will serve you well for years to come. But many of us have the urge to keep up with the latest and greatest. Is it time to upgrade? A longtime kit builder and ham, Mark tells us why an Elecraft K3s should be in our future.


Current and Future Trends in Scanning Radio

By Chris Parris

The current models of digital scanners are now starting to resemble – no, they actually are small, self-contained computer systems, complete with networking, USB ports, removable media, built-in audio recording and updatable operating firmware. Some even offer the ability to remotely access and control these scanners over the Internet. Chris tells us which scanners are best for your local scanning situation.


TSM Reviews:

EZ-Scan WS1095—Whistler’s Digital Scanning Receiver

By Chris Parris

With the introduction of the WS-1095, we get a look at a scanner design that was apparently conceived at GRE, but did not see the light of day until Whistler made it so. Now, Chris puts this multi-talented scanner through real-world paces. He notes, “Performance of the WS-1095 scanner in most respects matches the other radios in the GRE/Whistler line.”


TSM Reviews:

Airspy SDR Receiver System

By Bob Grove W8JHD

In electronic communications, software defined radio (SDR) is becoming dominant. For radio hobbyists, a niche product is gaining momentum: the SDR dongle. Only slightly larger than a memory stick, when plugged into a USB port, it converts your computer into a flexible, wide-frequency-coverage receiver. Is this just another SDR dongle? Bob, tells us what really sets this diminutive receiver apart from the rest.


Digital Amateur Radio Roundup

By Cory Sickles WA3UVV

In the spirit of this month’s Radio Buyers’ Guide, Cory reviews the growing list of transceivers available for the digitally inclined ham. If you haven’t already transitioned into the digital domain, or you are looking for an additional model or methodology to try out, you will find this overview of use to you.


Toward a Glorious and Uncertain Future!

By Kirk Kleinschmidt NT0Z

With all evidence to date, the phenomenon we call amateur radio will have been born, matured, evolved and “died,” in a 150-250 year period. Period! Kirk shows us that there’s still hope for the future.


FTA Satellite-TV: The Heir to Shortwave Radio

By Ken Reitz KS4ZR

Originally, countries turned to shortwave to serve two specific purposes: promote their own cultural and political ideas worldwide and serve the expatriate community abroad. As shortwave declined throughout the 1980s to the present, many of those same broadcasters began appearing on geostationary satellites doing exactly the same thing, only this time with pictures (and now in HDTV format) as well as words and sound.


Scanning America

By Dan Veenaman

Tennessee Advanced Communications Network


Federal Wavelengths

By Chris Parris

CBP OAM Changes


Utility Planet

By Hugh Stegman NV6H

Goodbye HF911, Hello UrgentLink


Digital HF: Intercept and Analyze

By Mike Chace-Ortiz AB1TZ/G6DHU

All About NAVTEX


HF Utility Logs

By Mike Chace-Ortiz and Hugh Stegman


Amateur Radio Insights

By Kirk Kleinschmidt NT0Z

Ham Radio on the Big Screen(s)


Radio 101

By Ken Reitz KS4ZR

License-Free Two-Way Radio: CB/FRS/GMRS/MURS


Radio Propagation

By Tomas Hood NW7UST

The Sun Part 2: Coronas, Sunspots and SIDs


The World of Shortwave Listening

By Thomas Witherspoon W4SWL

Buyer’s Guide to Shortwave Radios


The Shortwave Listener

By Fred Waterer

Shortwave Listening via Internet Archives


Amateur Radio Astronomy

By Stan Nelson KB5VL

Continuum Monitoring Using an SDR R820T Dongle


The Longwave Zone

By Kevin O’Hern Carey WB2QMY

Miscou DXpedition and LF Resources


Adventures in Radio Restoration

By Rich Post KB8TAD

Powering and Testing the Zenith Trans-oceanic G-500


The Broadcast Tower

By Doug Smith W9WI

Why is that Tower where it is?


Antenna Connections

By Dan Farber AC0LW

MFJ: Our Friend in the Radio Business


Radio Horizons

DXtreme Reception Log (V. 10,0); Klingenfuss 2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide

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