October 2017

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October 4, 1957: The Beep Heard Around the World

By Richard Fisher KI6SN

Listening and peering into the night sky on October 4, 1957, hams, shortwave listeners, scientists, military personnel and ordinary citizens became eye and ear-witnesses to an epic moment in human existence—the dawn of the Space Age. Richard has collected the thoughts and memories of those who were among the first to hear and see the original man-made moon, known as “Sputnik-1.” The historic event not only changed the course of human history, but also changed the lives of many of the individuals who heard those first beeps from space.


A Visual Tour of the Tokyo Ham Fair

By Keith Baker KB1SF/VA3KSF

In early September, Keith had the distinct honor of being an ambassador for the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) at the big Tokyo Ham Radio Fair in Tokyo, Japan. He writes, “Our mission was to personally invite Japanese hams to join us in Dayton, Ohio, for next year’s big Dayton Hamvention. However, unlike the Dayton Hamvention, which is sponsored by a local (albeit large!) amateur radio club (DARA), the Japan Amateur Radio League (JRRL), the Japanese equivalent of our American Radio Relay League (ARRL), conducts the Tokyo Ham Fair each year.” Keith also visits the Akihabara section of Tokyo known as “Electric Town” and presents a visual tour of both.


TSM Reviews: Digitech AR1780

By Thomas Witherspoon K4SWL

Regular contributor, Thomas Witherspoon, is always on the lookout for interesting, unheralded shortwave radios. This month he takes a look at the Digitech AR1780, a relatively unknown, inexpensive portable shortwave radio that covers longwave through shortwave, FM and even the Air-band and, while it has some quirks, it has more than a few features in its favor. Find out why Thomas says, “For $129.00 AUD (roughly $103 USD), you’re getting a full-featured radio that is, by and large, a pleasure to operate.”


The European DX Council at 50

By Chrissy Brand

It was 50 years ago, in 1967, that the first conference of the European DX Council was held. The EDXC, an organization of leading DXers, is still going strong after all these decades. This is testified by the continued success of its annual conference and through the projects and information sharing that it still carries out. Chrissy reports on this year’s conference held in August in the Finnish city of Tampere.


Tran-Equatorial Propagation: Pillows in the Sky

By John Piliounis SV1OCS

Most radio communications at VHF frequencies happens between different locations in line-of-sight propagation and, more rarely, either through the E or F2 layers’ ionospheric refraction during periods of intense sunspots, or through tropospheric ducting. But Mother Nature has provided VHF communication links that also happen between symmetrical locations to the geomagnetic equator. Propagation of this type has been named Trans-Equatorial Propagation (TEP). John looks at the theory behind this phenomenon and the historic experiments to prove its existence to skeptics.


Scanning America

By Dan Veeneman

Post Falls and Kootenai County, Idaho


Federal Wavelengths

By Chris Parris

Eclipse, Weather Provide Scanner Action



By Larry Van Horn N5FPW

Introduction to Military Monitoring: What Equipment do you need to Monitor HF MilComms?


Utility Planet

By Hugh Stegman NV6H 

Summer 2017: Nature Gets the Last Word


Shortwave Utility Logs

Compiled by Hugh Stegman and Mike Chace-Ortiz


VHF and Above

By Joe Lynch N6CL

A DIY Hardware Store 2-Meter GOTA/EMMCOM Antenna


Amateur Radio Insights

By Kirk Kleinschmidt NT0Z

The Twists and Turns of Amateur Radio Rotators


Radio 101

By Ken Reitz KS4ZR

Monitoring Emergencies via FTA Satellite


Radio Propagation

By Tomas Hood NW7US

A Last Hoorah?


World of Shortwave Listening

By Andrew Yoder

AM and SW Pirates: Then and Now, Plus: Global HF Pirate Weekend


The Shortwave Listener

By Fred Waterer

BBC Program Notes for October and More


Maritime Monitoring

By Ron Walsh VE3GO

Nothing Remains the Same Except Change!


The Longwave Zone

By Kevin O’Hern Cary WB2QMY

Get it in the Log!


Adventures is Radio Restoration

By Rich Post KB8TAD

Re-converting a Radio for the Summer of ’42 (Motorola 50P for Pontiac)


Antenna Connections

By Dan Farber AC0LW

Getting High: Antenna Effects  and Oddities at UHF and Up

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