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2018 TSM Index


Feature Articles

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Air Monitoring

The Air Show Experience Mar 8

Air Show 2017: My Flight in a B24 Liberator; Flying with the Geico Skytypers Mar 14

TSM Guide to Monitoring Air Shows Mar 18

Drones 101: Learning to Fly Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Mar 27

TSM North American Air Show Schedules Mar 32


Shortwave Radio

The Powerful Voice of Radio Miami International Feb 8

NASWA’s 31stAnnual Winter SWL Fest and WWLG Update Feb 26

SDR Primer Part 1: Introduction to SDRs and SDR Applications Jun 9

WBCQ-SW: New Power and Programming Nov 33


Equipment Reviews

Whistler TRX-1 Handheld Scanner Jan 10

Whisteler TRX-2 Mobil/Base Scanner Jan 16

Airspy HF+ Software Defined Radio Jan 18

Fox Delta 1 60 MHz Antenna Analyzer Kit Jan 21

C.Crane Skywave SSB Jan 25

Radioddity GD-77 Feb 15

Exploring the Video and Radio Possibilities of Roku Feb 19

QRPworks SideKar Plus Feb 23

TSM Reviews: Icom IC-7610 Arp 10

Yaesu FTM-3207DR Apr 23

FlexRadio 6400M HF+6 May 7

Yaesu FTM-750DR VHF/UHF Transceiver May 16

Uniden BCD436HP vs. Whistler TRX-1 Jun 19

Palstar LA-1K Solid State HF Amplifier Jul 21

The Mighty uBITX! Sep 13

MFJ 1866 Discone Antenna and Super-M Ultra MP Multi-Polarized Base Antennas Sep 26

Using TV Pre-amps for Scanners Sep 28

Uniden SDS100—The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Nov 16

Icom IC-30R Review Nov 23

Portable Shortwave Radios from $25-270 Nov 26

Amateur Radio Antennas to Go Nov 37


Over-the-Air AM/FM/TV and Free-to-Air Satellite TV

Channel Master’s New Over-the-Air TV Tuner/DVR and Interactive On-Screen Guide Apr 27

Free-to-Air Satellite-TV List Update May 19

ATSC-3.0 Update and Progress Report on FCC Repacking Plan Sep 30


General Interest Radio

Facing the Challenge of Making Ends Meet at Nonprofit Radio Stations Apr 19

Giving Undersea Cable its Just Deserts—160 Years Later May 12

Radio Evolution: From Wooden Boxes to Plug-in Dongles Jun 15

2018 Hamvention Report Jun 24

Echoes of Today: A World of Shortwave Listening and BCB Listening from ‘Alexa’ Jun 30

Cheerio: Amateur Radio’s Checkered History at the BBC Jul 17

Analog Scanning in a Digital World Sep 19

New Generation Weather Satellites Takes One Giant Leap in Weather Forecasting Sep 9

Has it Really Been a Decade? Amateur Radio in the Classroom Oct 16

SDR Report Part 3: From High-end SDR Receivers to SDR Transceivers Oct 20

A Visit to the Tokyo Ham Fair 2018 Oct 27

TSM 2018 Scanner Buyer’s Guide Nov 7

Classic Rock Era is Alive on Shortwave Dec 28

BCB DXing with that Old Transistor Radio Dec 32

SHARES: The Federal Government’s Plan-B HF Communications System Aug 9

APRS and Other Digital Communications: Part 1 Aug 13

Not the Sounds of Silence: Exploring the ELF and VLF Bands Aug 18

Buying New and Used Radio Gear Aug 26


Vintage Radio

‘De-Frankensteining’ Electricity: Life and Early Work of Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry Apr 14

The Development of Police Radio Communications in the United States Jul 7

Listening in on the WWI Western Front: The SCR-54A (BC-14A) Receiver Jul 11

Tracing the Development of the AM Broadcast Transmitter Oct 8

The Beginnings of FM Radio Broadcasting Dec 10

The EICO Story: The Electronic Instrument Company and its Kits Dec 20


Regular Columns


Scanning America

Long Beach (CA), Tennessee and Miami (FL) Jan 33

Digital Overtakes Analog Feb 30

Scanning Star and Tuscarawas Counties (Ohio) and Dakota County (Minnesota) Mar 37

DeKalb County (IL), and New Additions to P-25 Phase II Apr 30

Sublette County, Wyoming; Washoe County, Nevada May 23

Scanning Miami-Dade County, Florida Jun 34

Portsmouth (VA), Grant County (WI) and the ISS Jul 25

Lenoir County (NC), Missouri Department of Conservation Aug 32

Orange County (VA), Whistler Update Program and FCC Findings Sep 34

Hialeah, Florida, and a Public Service Radio Feud Oct 34

FCC Changes to 400 and 500 MHz Explained Nov 41

Fayette Country (GA) and Intro to ULS Dec 36


Federal Wavelengths

Back to Basics: A Federal Monitoring Primer Jan 37

Using Lessons Learned Feb 34

Super Bowl 52 On the Scene Report Mar 41

Software Defined Radio and Federal Monitoring Apr 34

USS Portland HYDRA System May 30

Dallas Federal Monitoring Jun 39

More Federal Digital Modes Jul 29

Nevada Scanner Safari Aug 36

The Center for Domestic Preparedness Sep 38

Hurricane Florence Response Oct 38

A California Road Trip Nov 45

Federal Wavelengths 2018 Wrap Up 40



DoD’s VHF High-Band 138-150 MHz: The Hidden Military Aircraft Band Jan 42

Intro to Military Monitoring: A Look at the New 225-400 MHz Milcom Band Feb 39

Military Aerial Refueling: Extending the Reach Mar 46

225-400 MHz Military Aircraft Band Overview Apr 40

Military Base Profile: Edwards AFB (KEDW) May 36

Monitor the 380-399.9 MHz Radio Spectrum Jun 44

Monitoring Military Hurricane Communications Jul 34

Military UHF Traffic Control Frequencies Aug 42

Monitoring the Veterans of the Cold War Sep 43

Monitoring the US Coast Guard and the COTHEN HF Radio Network Oct 44

FAA TRACON: Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities Nov 51

Monitoring Santa Claus, NORAD and Combat Air Patrols Dec 44


Utility Planet

Winter Fun with European Aero Beacons Jan 48

The Great NAVTEX War of 2018 Feb 46

Canadian Coast Guard Broadcasts Mar 50

Whew! (Busy Month on the Radio) Apr 46

Doing Battle with STANAG 4285 May 42

It’s COTHEN Times Again! Jun 48

U.S. Radio Strangeness Continues Jul 39

The Silent Summer: US Gets Quieter Aug 47

KiwiSDR Offers Public RDF Capability Sep 51

US Coast Guard Mobilizes for Hurricane Florence Oct 51

HF Delivers Again in Indonesia and Florida Nov 56

Chasing Italian MF Coastal Stations Dec 50


VHF and Above

Sporadic-E: Separating Fiction from Speculation from Fact Jan 54

2017: A Momentous Year for ARISS Feb 52

InnovAntenna’s 2-Element 50 MHz LFA-Q Super-Gainer Mar 55

The Lyrids Meteor Shower Apr 51

West Point Cadets Launch Two Balloons May 47

A Busy Month; DX Engineering TW Antenna Center Box Jun 53

Contests and Field Day for VHF and Above Jul 44

It’s All About Propagation Aug 52

September’s Contests: a Mag-loop for my KiwiSDR and a Tribute to W3XO Sep 56

International Space Station Astronauts are Calling CQ Students Oct 56

FT8 SWLing in Europe Nov 61

CubeSats go to Mars Dec 55


Digitally Speaking

Ready—Fire—Aim Jan 58

Mid-Winter Potpourri Feb 61

NXDN: Icom and Kenwood’s other DV Mar 58

Analog FM—Half Off Apr 53

Goes Inta / Goes Outta May 52

A Midsummer’s Potpourri Jun 57

When Elephants Fight, it is the Ground that Suffers Jul 48

DV33 Aug 55

Repeaters? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Repeaters! Sep 59

Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes Oct 60

Season of Change Nov 65

Complex Simplex Dec 59


Amateur Radio Insights

A Vertical Redeemed Jan 62

Did Joe Taylor K1JT Destroy Amateur Radio? Feb 65

KH6-A-Rama and Other Low-Band Takeaways Mar 62

You Can’t Keep a Good Antenna Down Apr 57

Feed Line Ferrite Chokes—Noise Reduction that Beats the Best DSP? May 56

The Siren Song of Small Antennas Jun 61

Static and Frustration from DC to Daylight—Welcome to Summer Propagation Jul 52

Portable Generators—Test and Enjoy! Aug 59

Schematics: The Latest Aren’t Necessarily the Greatest Sep 63

Transmit Audio—How’s Your Sound Oct 64

Cheap and Dirty Low-Band Success—Now with Data and Proof! Nov 69

Confessions of an Autotuner Abuser Dec 63


Radio 101

SWLing like it’s 1989!

Narrowcasting: FTA Satellite TV and Lesser Known TV Channels Feb 71

Mysteries of the Expanded AM Band and the Travelers’ Information Service Mar 67

Baseball on the Radio 2018 Apr 64

Gospell AM/FM/SW/DRM Receiver May 62

Korean Summit on FTA Satellite; The Future of C-ban, Armed Forces Day Cross-Band Test Jun 66

$664 Solution to Solar Cycle Doldrums Jul 58

Monitoring HF Marine Radio During the Tropical Storm Season Aug 64

Radio in Pictures Sep 69

Viasat: Help for Rural Broadband Access Oct 70

Sangean HDT-20 Component AM/FM/HD Radio Tuner Nov 74

Chasing AM Band DX: Then and Now Dec 68


Radio Propagation

New Year’s Resolutions Jan 72

Solar Winds and Funnel Clouds Feb 75

Can You Hear Me Now? Mar 71

How to Beat the Low Sunspot Numbers Apr 68

The Switch in May May 69

Field Day Fun, Again! Jun 70

The Sun in Sonic and Visual Art; an Aid to Scientists Jul 61

Solar Wind and Coronal Mass Ejections Aug 68

It is That Time Again: The Winter DX Season Sep 73

Looking Forward at a Backward Sign Nov 78

Winter DX is at the Door Dec 73


The World of Shortwave Listening

Shortwave in Africa—Still Very Much Alive Jan 76

AM and FM Pirates in the Western Hemisphere Feb 80

A Little Knowledge of Propagation Can Really Help! Apr 73

Shortwave Broadcasters and Listeners to Meet this Month May 73

Remembering WWII-era Clandestine Shortwave Radio Stations Jun 73

SDR Primer Part 2: Exploring the World of SDRs for $200 Jul 64

FT8, WSPR and the Shortwave Listener Aug 71

The Passing of a Modern Shortwave Pioneer Sep 77

US and International Pirate Shortwave Broadcasters Oct 74

Propagation Tools, Wire Antennas and DX News Dec 77


The Shortwave Listener

Old Shortwave Voices Still Heard Jan 82

Korean Winter Olympics, Latin and other Languages on Shortwave Feb 84

Listening to Argentina on Shortwave Mar 76

Blues on Shortwave; BBC Programming for April Apr 78

Voice of Greece, Radio Tirana and Country Music on Shortwave May 78

Proms, DW and BBC Radio Highlights Jun 78

40 Years of Shortwave Listening Jul 70

Health on SW, Canada as DX; BBC Offerings Aug 76

World Travel on the Shortwave Bands Sep 81

Creepy October Shortwave Programming Oct 79

Eastern Europe, Jazz and Global Economy Nov 83

New Programming from Spain and Greece Plus: Christmas Around the World Dec 82


Maritime Monitoring

Remembering Halifax Harbor; Marine Frequency Changes Jan 85

Radio Active Spring Apr 81

Sailing On Jul 73

Stormy Weather and Changing Times Oct 82


Amateur Radio Astronomy

Learning about Radio Astronomy Feb 87

NAVSPASUR Revisited May 81

Cosmic Podcasts; Books, Charts and the National Radio Quiet Zone Aug 79

Tracking Meteor Activity Nov 86


Amateur Radio Satellites

Another New AMSAT Satellite is Commissioned Mar 80

Golf-TEE and Golf-1 Get Rides to Space Jun 81

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Take 2) Sep 84

Amateur Radio Satellite Primer (Continued) Dec 85


The Longwave Zone

New Year’s Resolutions Jan 88

Loggings Galore! Feb 90

600 Meters Awaits You! Mar 84

PIM/272 is Back (Sort of)! Apr 84

Bill Oliver—Quiet Giant of Longwave May 84

Travel Log & Radio Ties Jun 84

Looking Back, Looking Ahead Jul 77

SDR: You Can Do it! Aug 82

SDR Startup, Other Happenings Sep 88

SDR, Step One Oct 86

SDR Startup: Up and Running! Nov 89

SDR Startup: It’s a Wrap! Dec 89 


Adventures in Radio Restoration

Harman-Kardon A-260 “Chorale” Stereo Amp Jan 91

Invasion of the Two-Band Transoceanic Clones: Whodunit? Feb 93

The 8R40: A Different Hallicrafters Mar 87

Hallicrafters S-85: Another Scarce Model Apr 88

A Not-so-Scarce Hallicrafters: Model SX-99 May 87

The Transition: A Tale of Two Philcos Jun 87

Ballantine 300 and the Boonton Connection Jul 81

The Rescue: Drake SPR4 Communications Receiver Aug 85

The Unusual Clock Radio: Philco 53-706 Sep 91

Reviving a Comanche: The Siltronix 1011D Oct 90

Benrus 10B: A “Heavy Metal” Clock Radio Nov 92

Recollecting My First EICO: The 425K Oscilloscope Dec 93


Antenna Connections

Wire Antennas Part One: The Dipole Jan 95

Wire Antennas Part Two: More About Dipoles and Other Creatures Feb 100

Receive-Only Antennas: Can You Hear Me Now? Mar 91

Move Toward the Light: Antennas Above 144 MHz, Part One Apr 92

Understanding Ground: A Review Jul 87

The Collinear Array: Multiple Elements in a Single Piece Aug 89

Artificial Ground: Part One Sep 96

Artificial Ground: Part Two Oct 96

Matchmakers: How Tuners Work Nov 96

First Antenna: Selection Process Dec 99

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