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2023 Index of Articles and Columns

(The month of appearance is at the end of the title)


Feature Articles

Amateur Radio

Elecraft K4: Worth the Wait? Jan

Dipole on ‘Wheels’ Feb

Build a Solar Powered WSPR Beacon Apr

Digital Amateur Primer: Intro to Yaesu System Fusion Apr

Review: Xiegu G106 Transceiver May

Beginner Rigs to Grow With May

2023 Hamvention: A Pictorial Review Jun

Norbreck 2023: A UK Radio Rally Today Jun

Incoming! An Introduction to Meteor Scatter Propagation Aug

“No-Tune” Antennas: A Perfect Match for Your Radio? Aug

Surviving the Switch to LED Lighting Sep

HamSCI and the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Oct

Interview: Dave Antry, New USAF MARS Chief Oct

2023 Digital Voice Buyer’s Guide Nov

2023 Antenna Buyer’s Guide Nov


Radio History

The Role of Women in US Radio History Feb

Early Years of Radio Luxembourg (1930s-1960s) Apr

Las Voces of Mexico’s AM Radio History Apr

Miami AM Radio and the Wonderful Isle O’Dreams Jun

Developments of Radio Remote Broadcasts Jul

The Bing Crosby Philco: Model 46-1201 Jul

The All-American Five Jul

WLAC: The R&B Soul of Music City Jul

Book Review: ‘Winning French Minds: Radio Propaganda in Occupied France’ Jul

A Mighty Kingdon: The Discoveries of Heinrich Rudolph Hertz (1857-94) Aug

Bridge by Radio: The Story of WSAI Aug

Northwest US AM Broadcast Radio History Sep

The Moscow Radio Laboratory and the Birth of Radio Moscow—Part One Sep

Remembering WWII Navajo Code Talkers Oct

Northwest US AM Broadcast Radio History Part 2 Oct

The Moscow Radio Laboratory Part 2: The Cold War and the End of the Soviet Union Nov

Kilocycle Palaces of the 1930s and 40s Dec

Politically Inspired Radio Traitors of WWII Dec

A Towering Ambition: Tesla at Wardenclyffe Dec

Vintage Radio’s Social Legacy Dec

70 Years of the Historic CK722 Transistor


Aviation Monitoring

2023 Air Show Special Mar

Air Show 2022 Report Mar

TSM’ Annual Guide to Monitoring the Air Shows Mar

Monitoring the Airband in the UK Mar

2023 Air Show Schedule Mar


General Radio Interest

Radiosondes Over New Mexico Jan

The New UKRAA VLF Receiver Jan

Report from Radio TechCon UK Jan

Broadcast Auxiliary Frequencies Jan

A Closer Look at Oscilloscopes Jan

Weather and Radio: Three Ways to Explore RTTY Feb

Tuning into UK Student Radio Feb

Diving into the Deepelec DeepSDR 100 Apr

Media and Mailbag Programs Apr

Radiodays Europe 2023 Conference May

Cross Country Wireless HF Active Loop Antenna V4 May

Preparing for the 2023 Hurricane Season May

Women in International Radio Jun

Science Industry and Radio Jul

Summertime and the Listening is Easy Aug

Antennas for the Great Indoorsman Aug

UK Local Radio: A Mixed Bag Sep

Revisiting the Airspy HF+ and YouLoop Indoor Antenna Sep

Chameleon CHA RXL Receive-Only Loop Antenna Oct

Summer Radio Summary Oct

2023 Scanner Radio Buyer’s Guide Nov

2023 Software Defined Radio Buyer’s Guide Nov

A Brit Heads West Nov


Free-to-Air Satellite 

C-Band FTA Satellite TV Channel Chart May

Multiple Satellite Reception from a Single Ku-Band Antenna Sep

Ku-Band Free-to-Air Satellite TV with a Repurposed DBS Dish Oct


Columns (not every column appears every month)

Scanning America

Chester County, Pennsylvania Jan

Pennsylvania Statewide Radio Network Feb

Utah Communications Authority Mar

Scanning Smyth County, VA Apr

Scanning Claremont, New Hampshire May

Encryption Jun

Scanning South Dakota Jul

Bexar and Guadalupe Counties, Texas Aug

Police Radio Jamming Sep

Security by Obscurity Oct

Harris County, Georgia Nov

Walton County, Florida Dec


Federal Wavelengths

Federal Frequencies for Everyone Jan

Federal Monitoring for the Beginner Feb

Federal Monitoring in Phoenix Mar

US Department of Justice Apr

Justice Department Continued May

Summer Travels with Federal Communications Jun

Tools for Federal Monitoring Jul

Federal Monitoring Myths, Mysteries and Legends Aug

Federal Monitoring in Las Vegas Sep

Federal Use of Multiband Radio Oct

Federal Aircraft Operations Nov

Airport Travel Monitoring Dec



From the Darkness: A Sky Full of Military Call Signs Jan

Aero SELCAL 32 Implementation is Delayed Feb

NORAD and the Chinese Spy Balloon Mar

It is VHF Low Band DX Season Plus Apr

DoD Begins Implementing Name Commission Recommendations May

Profile: The Canadian Coast Guard Jun

Interesting Intercept: Italian Military Satellite Sircal 1B Jul


Utility Planet

Leap Seconds: 2023 is About Time Jan

Aero SELCAL Expansion Happens at Last Feb

UrgentLink Emergency Net is Still Expanding Mar

Solar Cycle 25 Enters a Peak Phase Apr

Historic WLO Returns to the Air May

Odds and Ends for June 2023 Jun

Greasy Suits and Oily Rags: Strange US Military Broadcasts Jul

New Zealand Discontinues Weather Fax Aug

US Financial Firms Propose Major HF Rule Changes Sep

HF Trading Confusion Continues Oct

2023 “Numbers” Roundup Nov

WRC-23 World Radio Conference Begins Dec


The World of Shortwave Listening

The World’s Shortwave Broadcasters Together Again for the First Time Since 2020 Jan

Shortwave Pirate Activity on the Rise for 2023 Feb

Radio News from Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Chile and Mexico Mar

A Fresh Look at Online SDRs Apr

The Solar Cycle is Hot! Where are all the DRM HF Signals? May

Spring Pirate Shortwave Review Jun

Brazilian DX Clubs, Radio Senda Cristiana, Radio Lira, and Radio Nacional Jul

Radio News from Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Aug

Challenges for Shortwave Broadcasters, and Some Actual Audience Figures Sep

Logging SW Pirates and Spooky Halloween Broadcasts Oct

New Xmtr for Argentina’s LRA36; Radio Caracas Radio, KVOH Leave the Air Nov

Anniversaries, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vanuatu and B23 Changes Dec


The Shortwave Listener

Winter Holidays on Shortwave Jan

February Shortwave Programming Feb

March Shortwave Programming Lineup Mar

April Programming Highlights Apr

Of Kinds and other Programming Things May

Summer Shortwave Programming Jun

Canada D’eh! WBCQ, WRMI SW News Jul

WBCQ Favs Return; New WRMI Offerings; Radio Ifrikya FM and More Aug

September Shortwave Programming from Around the World Sep

October SW Programs Worldwide Oct

November Lineup of Shortwave Programming Nov

Holiday Shortwave Programming Dec


Radio 101

AM DX Antennas: Long Wires and Loops Big and Small Jan

More AM Antennas, Wall Wart Hash and Freeband SSTV Feb

Getting Started in Free-to-Air Satellite Mar

FTA Satellite Part 2: Receiver and Programming Apr

Baseball on the Radio 2023 May

The Latest (Last?) AM/FM/SW/DRM Radio Jun

A High-Gain Compact VHF/UHF-TV Antenna Jul

Broadcast Satellite Hunting in the AOR Aug

Monitoring Geo-Politics via FTA-Satellite Sep

The Connected Dashboard: You can DIY! Oct

MW-HF Comparison: Active Loop vs. Passive Loop vs. Long Wire Nov

The World of Digital AM/FM/SW Reception Dec


European Radio Scene

Future of BBC; RTL Closure; British DX Club’s ‘Europe on Shortwave’ Feb

EU/UK Radio Trends; 100 Years of German Radio Mar

Longwave in Europe Today: Radio, Time Signals, Energy Management Apr

Return to the House of Light on Portuguese Madeira island Jun

RTE 252 Closure, EU SW News and UK Radio Museums Jul

Antarctic Horror; Chinese DX and International Radio Museums Aug

An Italian Job and a Seasonal HF Smorgasbord Sep

October European Radio Highlights Oct

A Month of Jubilees and Mediterranean MW Dec


Amateur Radio Satellites

Satellite Roving Mar

Notes on Amateur Radio Satellite Construction Jun

Spotlight on the AMSAT Organizations Sep

Spotlight on DOSSAF-85 (RS-44) Dec


The Longwave Zone

Visiting Our Neighbors up the Band Mar

More High-Band Excursions Jun

Information, Please Sep

Receiver, Radio, BC-453-B Dec


Radio Propagation

Where are we in Solar Cycle 25? Jan

When the 10.7-cm Radio Flux Exceeds 200 Feb

The Terminator Mar

The Aurora Apr

The Summer Doldrums (on Shortwave) Jun

Radio Bursts and Solar Flares (Part One) Aug


Adventures in Radio Restoration

“Doorstop” Experiments: Gonset Converters and CBs Jan

Zenith’s Own Transoceanic Clone: Zenith Meridian L-507 Feb

National’s VHF Receiver Mar

The RCA Farm Set: Model 55F Apr

Hot-Chassis Fireworks: Restoring a Hallicrafters S-38 May

“It doesn’t work.” Restoring a Hallicrafters SX-71 Jun

The ‘All-American Five’; Two Zenith Clock Radios and Hallicrafters S-38EM Jul

The Novice MOPA: Heathkit AT-1 Aug

A Better Novice MOPA: The Johnson Viking Adventurer Sep

An Integrated Stereo Amplifier from 1962: The HH Scott 222C Oct

An FM-Stereo Tuner form 1962: HH Scott 350B

The Megacycle Meter – Measurements Model 59 and other GDOs Dec


Medium Wave Radio

Online Resources for MW DXers Feb

Don’t Touch that Dial: Myth-busting MW and FM DX Propagation Apr

Look Ma, No Hands! Fully Autonomous AM/FM/TV DXing Jul

Don’t Call it a Compromise! How Magnetic Loops are an AM DX Game Changer Oct


Amateur Radio Astronomy

WWV 25 MHz Intruder and the 2022 Geminids Meteor Shower Feb

X2.2 Blast Radio Blackout May

Planetary Lightning and Radio Astronomy Aug

Noise—Annular Eclipse—October 14, 2023 Nov


Antenna Connections

A Tuner by Any Other Name Apr

A Deeper Dive into Transmission Lines Jul

A Look at Antenna Gain and Efficiency Oct


Digitally Speaking

Interesting Times Jan

Ahead of its Time Feb

Progression Mar

Talk to Me May

“Radioactive” Aug

M17—The Seventh Methodology Oct

Packet Radio Revival Nov

Mobile Antennas in Compromising Positions Dec


Amateur Radio Insights

Does Anyone Fear the FCC? And Frozen-North Antenna Report Jan

Not Your Father’s Wire; Remembering CO2KK Feb

Ladies and Gentlemen, Discipline Your Oscillators! Mar

Parts Problems May

Big is Beautiful Jul

Summer Projects Aug

LOG and Other Antenna Hijinks Oct

Science is Always Wrong—End-fed Edition Dec


VHF and Above

Recent ARISS Contacts Jan

Celebrating the Life of Arnie Coro CO2KK Feb

This Will Never Happen Again! Mar

It Began with Columbia Apr

NASA Selects Three Amateur Radio Operators for Artemis II May

The Challenge of ARISS Contacts Jul

The Latest Proposed Replacement for the Arecibo Dish Aug

The Column AI Wrote Sep

Using AI in Amateur Radio Oct

Amateur Radio’s Involvement with Balloons: Part 1 Nov

GPS Spoofing Grows in Frequency as Wars Break Out Dec

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